Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Plane Nuts

We've been going through our list of requests, trying to get through some of the older ones that have been sitting around for far too long. This week, Sloth answers the request of a member who had a fantasy about a pilot and co-pilot getting tickle frisky in the cockpit. The scene was very specific, from what the two men used to tickle each other, to the fact that the passengers in the cabin become aware of the high-altitude hijinks. I think Sloth did a great job bringing this one to life (and wisely chose an angle that prevented him from having to draw all those bothersome buttons and gauges) Enjoy "The Friendly Skies"


My piece this week is a freebie for all, and is my second attempt at a toe-wiggling animation. It's in our Free Archive section, since I'm planning to use it on feet.tv and my new MySpace page. Yes, I'm a big, fat hypocrite and I'm back on MySpace. What can I say? There are just too many fun foot and tickling fans on there for me to stay away for too long. I hope you all like "Feathered Friend".


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