Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We've Moved to Wednesdays!

Hey Everyone,

For those of you who may not have received the mass email I sent around, our website is moving our update day to Wednesdays from now on. This was an unavoidable change because of a conflict with our web guy, but I think it's actually going to help us keep on a better schedule in the long run.

Here's the skinny on our last two updates:

Last week, I did a drawing of a MySpace buddy who just happens to be a very sexy bear. The fur is flying in this all-out bear tickle orgy. His big, hairy friends tickle him until he cries out, "I can't BEAR it!". Next, Wez gets an early Halloween piece in with one of the scariest nightmares of all: being mercilessly tickled! Don't fall asleep, or you might just hear "1, 2, Freddie Tickles You..."

This week, Mr. Zikkon reaches the moment we've all been waiting for: Major Power becomes powerless under the wiggling fingers of his sidekick. The stoic hero is finally broken and begs his young charge to stop. But someone's going to crash this little tickle party. Next, I do another classic scenario: tickling tentacles! A man is at the mercy of dozens of wiggling appendages that prod, poke and stroke his restrained body. I hope you enjoy "Tentickles".

And last, but certainly not least, visit our site today to see the brand new Halloween-themed home page image from Wez! It's a Monster Mash of tickling, and it's free for everyone!

See you all next week!



fingrfethr said...

Wow - your new bear and tentacles pieces really found MY buttons. :-) Great work!

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