Saturday, March 19, 2011

CatInHat Does it Again...

I've got a new favorite tickle model over at   Rocco looks like he sprung directly from my brain's idea of a perfect man: handsome, masculine, muscular...and desperately ticklish.  This week CatInHat posted the second tickling video set featuring Rocco, and this time he's in the tickle chair, which is my favorite evil device in Cat's lair.

Not the feet!

Trying to resist...

But Cat will have none of that!

Rocco thinks tickling is "the pits".

tickle tickle tickle!

Exhausted and sweaty after his ordeal.

This is one of the hottest scenes to come from MyFriendsFeet in recent months. I highly recommend you head over there and download it asap.  Or even better: visit THIS LINK for a special deal where you can sign up for MyFriendsFeet and also get all of the AchillesHeelArt content for one low price!




Adam said...

I agree, this is some crazy hot update!

I wish cat would always put his victims in the tickle chair. There's just something different about the tickle chair. It makes everything 10x hotter.

Im proud to say I lobbied Cat to use the tickle chair again. Right after my request, he said on twitter that he used it on Rocco. Thank God I asked him.

We all love myfriendsfeet and achillesheelart!

Anonymous said...

Rocco and Nelson are my favorites... Nelson indeed was a lil' bit hotter and had extremely ticklish feet. But Rocco is also a hottie;
But... can you guys remember the boxer Rocky? That man had an amazing body and feet:

Anonymous said...


You're totally right: the Tickle-Chair is a nice variety.

But I think the Tickle-Table is also needful and irreplaceable.
I love to see these hunky guys strapped down and a lil' bit more "stretched" - by the way: I am a great fan of the Torture Rack. The next idea was stocks with toe-cuffs for Rich's (CatinHat's) Tickle-Table, so that it can be used as a rack - like those of the traditional footfriends-art.
(If you know the new stocks of TickleAbuse you'll know what I mean)