Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Closing of AchillesHeelArt.com

This week marks the 5th anniversary of our site and, unfortunately, a sad announcement.  We will be closing down on October 30th.

This is not a decision I made lightly, but the time has come for me to move on to other things.  Sadly, the site was never quite the success that I'd hoped it would be, even after I added a section of straight content to attract more members.

I have had an incredible time bringing so many tickling fantasies to life, and was privileged to work with some amazing talent. I made lots of new friends, and I feel like my drawing skills have improved so much since I first started. I don't regret my time with AchillesHeelArt, but it's time for me to focus my energies elsewhere.

Now for some logistical (logistickle?) information:

-For the past two years or so, AchillesHeelArt has been offered as bonus content on MyFriendsFeet.com.  That will continue. The archive of all of our work will still be offered by CatInHat for members who join his VIP membership program. That's more than 600 drawings!

-I am not giving up tickling artwork entirely. I will still draw the occasional new piece of art for MyFriendsFeet directly. However, CatInHat will not be commissioning new work from the other artists that were on AchillesHeelArt.

-I will still be open for private commissions!  I've been getting a lot lately, and will continue to accept them as I have the time for them.

-This blog will continue! I will be blogging more often, and will post information about any new art or commissions that I am working on.  I'll also continue to review tickling sites, and post hot foot and tickle pics from my personal collection.

-The last day the site will be open will be October 30th.  The last day to buy a 30 day membership will be September 30th.  The 60 day and 90 day and recurring purchasing options have been eliminated.

-If you have a recurring membership it will cease to bill on October 30th.

So, September 30th is your last chance to jump on board to see what we were able to accomplish in 5 years! More than 600 tickling drawings of men and women, tickled crazy on their bare feet and sensitive bodies by a very talented team of artists.

I want to thank everyone who has every joined my site or sent me a kind word about my work. I truly appreciate it!

And now, for this week's goodies (we still have several weeks of updates to go!)

First up, I pity the fool that doesn't like this tickling drawing!  I drew a certain gold-encrusted muscular tough man-turned-actor all trussed up, with his thick bare feet all exposed and vulnerable. A playful hand enters the picture and lightly scribbles all over his sensitive soles, turning him into "Mr. Tee Hee Hee". Then, CheshireCat drew a manly man's tickling drawing, all full of facial hair and plaid. A new lumberjack is put through a strange hazing ritual, stuck in a tree with only he sensitive armpits and belly exposed. His burly co-workers make sure his tickle hazing reaches completion as well in "Lumberjacked".
Over in the Athena galleries, Azazello drew a sexy blonde who goes in for a fish pedicure, and winds up with one hell of a wardrobe malfunction! When the fish nibble her toes she laughs so hard her enormous chest breaks free in "Something Fishy" Then, I drew a special commission for a tickler who had an idea for an insidious machine designed especially to test if MILFs are more ticklish than other women. He straps a sexy mom into restrictive straight-jacket bondage with only her bare feet exposed and turns on the "MILF-O-MATIC" which feathers her soles until she's crying for mercy!

As always you can view the full versions of these drawings in the member's section of AchillesHeelArt!

Until next week... (We'll be updating all the way until the end of October!)

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Oaklandtickles said...

Thank you for a great run and wonderful fetish artwork. You will always be a star in the tickling community. JerryB