Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Door Closes

Well, this is our last update week, and it couldn't have come at a more dramatic time! I'm living in NYC, and I'm dealing with the fallout from Hurricane Sandy. I've been without power for days and still have no word as to when it will be back. I managed to find a friend with lights on, so I could get the word out about our last drawings in our 5-year run of tickle fun!

Last week, our all-star staff of artists did 4 amazing pieces for their very last submissions. First up, Cheshire Cat really tickles me. No, he REALLY tickles ME, along with some of his cast of original characters, as I finally get what's coming to me in "Farewell Achilles". Then, Sloth drew a special Halloween-themed piece for his final piece. Zombies are everywhere these days, but Sloth's zombies don't crave brains...they crave LAUGHS. Two hunky men attempt to escape from "The Night of the Tickling Dead" but one of them is doomed to be death!
On the Athena side, Azazello drew a killer of a piece as a group of whales turns on their handler with their raspy tongues and show her a "Whale of a Good Time" on her ticklish feet! Then, Darkharp delivered a true classic with one of the most beloved tickle victims of all time. She's at the mercy of that scoundrel Don Turtelli again...or IS she? She's blindfolded, so she can't see who is mercilessly tickling her toes with a feather this time in "April O'NO!"

This week, for our final update, I decided to do all the drawings myself. First up, I hit both the Halloween and Christmas holidays at the same time with a beloved classic. Jack wants to make sure that Christmas is merry, so he traps "Sandy Claws", pulls off his boots and tickles his feet with a feather to make sure there are lots of Ho Ho Hos this season. Then, I drew a special Halloween spooky homage to one of Patrick Fillion's Class Comics characters: Zahn. This sexy barbarian has been ambushed by the "Haunted Hands of Hilarity" who hold his limbs, tickle torture him all over and give him a Halloween happy ending!
Then, for my last Athena gallery drawings, I had a MARVELous time. First up, poor Peggy Carter is held prisoner by a certain red-faced Nazi commander who wants the secrets of the Super Soldier Serum. He uses the tesseract on the soles of her bare feet to extract the information in "Ve Haff Vays". Then, Giganta has had a beef with a certain green-skinned rival forever. She finally discovered a weakness in her enemy she can exploit, and she launches a swarm of tickling hands who titillate her to tears in "She-Hulk, Savaged".

Well, that's it, gang. It's been an amazing run, and I want to thank everyone who supported AchillesHeelArt. All of our hard work (600+ drawings!) will be archived in the VIP member's area of Also, I will continue this blog and will be doing the occasional new piece of tickling art now and then. Visit this blog often to find out what I'm up to.

Happy tickling to all!


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Oaklandtickles said...

Your site is an amazing accomplishment not only for the tickling community but for erotic art. Hugs and tickles for you. JerryB