Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Planet TICKLE!

Sadly, now that is going to become a pay site, I'm afraid that it's going to go the way of  Now, I'm not one to disparage paying for content since I used to run a site myself. However, a social networking site is a bit different from a site offering regular original content.

Mike from Laughing Asians has come to save the day with Planet Tickle, a site especially for tickling lovers everywhere!
I've added a permanent link to the site in the sidebar here. It's a social networking site that Mike has guaranteed will always be free. It's fairly new, and he's looking to both improve and expand it in the near future.

This is a guy who truly loves tickling, and wants to keep a place online where ticklers and ticklees can meet each other. I would highly recommend that you set up a profile there!

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