Monday, October 13, 2008


Hey Everyone,

Thanks for your patience this week. I've been going through some very inconveniencing construction on my house over that past few weeks. My internet access has been unreliable, and my access to my studio was cut off when my power was out for several days. It put me a bit behind schedule. We've caught up this week.

Last week, you thrilled to the continuing adventures of Major Power and Private Thawtz in a special flashback scene involving Captain Awesome. The Captain arrives on a scene of utter chaos as flying mechanical tickle hands have the entire male population of his city in stitches. The evil hands make him their target as this month's episode comes to a close...

Speaking of "FLASHbacks", my piece is an homage to a film that had a profound effect on me as a young man. Just about every male character in this film was sexy, but there was a particular scene in which the hero is bound in a dungeon with his arms over his head. That scene most definitely made an impression on me. The man directing the tickling in this piece is particularly...MERCILESS.


This week, Wez provides us with our special Fall/Halloween home page image, which is free for everyone! Since Wez arrived on the scene, I always knew he'd be perfect for a spooky image like this one. Zombie hands burst through the ground, rotten fingers wiggling in: "NIGHT OF THE TICKLING DEAD".

And finally, Sloth has a piece that will certainly get your "Gears" turning. In "Dawgs of War" we get to see what those huge, burly videogame tough guys are hiding beneath their enormous boots. Yeah, they're tough...yeah, they're hardened killers. That doesn't mean they're not ticklish...


Enjoy this week's update! We've got some very special things in store in the coming months!


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