Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Magic and Monsters

Hey everyone!

Our last two updates over the past couple of weeks have been filled with laughter, as usual. Last week it was time for our seasonal quarterly home page update and I decided to go with a new format: an antique poster. I thought it was appropriate for the subject matter, which is that fantasy about some poor, defenseless feet hanging out of a saw trick box. I hope you enjoy "The Magician's Box".

Also last week was a great new piece by Velly-Z. In "I'm Straight" a hysterically laughing straight guy is set upon by 3 gay ones who tickle him into involuntary arousal. It doesn't look like he's having a bad time, does it?

This week, I gave Wez a challenge: I wanted to see his version of a "Tickle Monster". Since Wez is our resident monster expert, he jumped at the chance. Better watch out: this 6-armed, feather-fingered menace is gonna getcha!

Also this week is yet another Velly-Z piece, this time set in the 80s. A devious record producer has a wicked method he uses to get young talent to agree to the terms of their recording contract. "He Will Sign" will satisfy those of you with a fondness for tickled navels...

Enjoy the drawings!


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