Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Work Those Abs

This week we give more colorful characters a real workout: with merciless tickling!

First, Sloth drew a very strenuous kind of workout: a man set upon by three burly personal trainers, lashed to gym equipment and tickled on his belly button and pits until he's breathless! Now that's ab training AND cardio! Then, Darkharp sure seems to like mermen. This time she drew a lithe man-fish, wrapped in the tentacles of a sexy man-squid who uses his appendages to probe the navel of this ticklish undersea dweller. It's a good week for male belly button fans!
Over in the Athena galleries, Blithwulf shows us the unfortunate fate of a female vampire hunter who falls prey to two merciless vamps who tickle her feet for information on her friends whereabouts. Of course, they only promise to shorten the tickle torture of this "Trapped Hunter" by a day if she gives them up. Then, CheshireCat drew a possible post-credit ending to a popular Nintendo game. Shantae and Sky have the two villains Rotty and Risky right where they want them in stocks, with their ticklish bare soles on display. Turns out "A Genie's Wish" was to have the two pirates tickled to tears!

As always you can view the full versions of these drawings in the member's area of AchillesHeelArt!

Until next week...

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