Monday, December 10, 2007

Based on a Story

Hello everyone!

This week my drawing answers the request of a member who sent me an old story that was posted on the famous Jack's Male Tickling Rack website years ago. The story was called 'The Stocks' and though the author was unknown, CatInHat from MyFriend'sFeet was credited with editing the story so that it was m/m in content.

The story involves Samuel, a strapping young blacksmith being interrogated by a randy king who takes a special interest in Samuel's powerful, hairy body. I won't post the entire story here, but I will quote the passage that I illustrated, as I found it the most exciting part:

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"Instruct the dungeon master to have this peasant stripped naked while he is in the stocks...also, fix irons upon his wrists and fix his arms in a position above his head, so that he may become weary from the discomfort of not being able to lower them."

Samuel was now getting nervous as six guards led him out of the Royal Court and down into the depths of the dungeon below. When he reached the dungeon, two guards held his hairy arms as the dungeon master removed his clothing and his boots. Samuel struggled, but it was no use against six strong men, bent on following the King's orders.

The dungeon master place Samuel's feet in the stocks and he saw them close down--he locked them in place, and he began to feel a great fear. His wrists were indeed bound in irons, and then the irons were fastened to a large thick rope which hung from the low ceiling of the dungeon. Then the dungeon master withdrew from his sash a thick black cloth which he tied around his head, covering his eyes. All was dark.

At that moment, Samuel became aware of a familiar voice. It was the King!

"Thank you for preparing this man for me, Claudius. I shall interrogate the prisoner personally." The King announced as a flicker of a smile ran across his face. "Leave at once!" The dungeon master obliged and the King walked over to where Samuel was helplessly bound, hand and foot...whereupon his tone became sinister.

"So, you think you're so cannot be broken...we shall see, my little serf. You shall not be so boisterous upon your departure from this place. You have the King's Oath upon that!

"You know not what discomfort is...but you shall!" And with that, Samuel began to feel what seemed to be a feather caressing the inside of his arm. He giggled a bit, but as the feather continued to trace lower and lower, he knew it was going to reach his armpit. He was shocked. "Is this how the King will try to make me divulge the location of my coin bag?" he thought to himself. Indeed, the King had a very full day planned for the strapping Samuel.

The King's feather was now making small circles in the crux of Samuel's armpit and he was finding it to be most uncomfortable.

"Your Majesty...that tickles! Please stop! Haaaa....Hooo."

To Samuel's horror there was no reply, but the feather continued down his sides, ever so lightly grazing over his nipples and hairy pectorals, tickling more his skin than the ribs themselves.

"Oh Sir, I beg you, you will drive me to madness! Please stop!" He did not. Samuel felt that feather gliding over his nipples ..from underarm to underarm...traveling over his nipples on the way. His skin was was most unnerving to Samuel not to be able to pull his arms down...but there was nothing he could do about it."

And here is Chad's description of his piece this week:

Bob decided his pal Chuck needed a vacation. The two go to the same S&M club together, so they took the advice of their pal and went to Isla de la Pluma for a relaxing spa treatment.

That's it for this week! Next week brings our special Christmas update, along with a brand new winter image for the home page!


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