Monday, March 3, 2008

Achilles Does Sloth!

Do you remember Buck Nova? Of course you do. Buck was one of Sloth's earliest creations for the site. A hunky, intergalactic traveler that always seems to run afoul of tickling robots.

A member made a very interesting suggestion to me last week: Why didn't I try to draw one of the characters that Sloth created, and vice-versa? I thought it was a great idea, and I immediately thought about drawing Buck. This week's piece shows my version of him, once again at the mercy of some torture machines, this time the "Smilebots".


Next week will be a big update! We'll be posting the first page of Mr. Zikkon's comic, a piece from me and a piece from Sloth in which he's going to the king from my old "Good to be King" drawing.

See you next week!


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