Monday, March 31, 2008

Spitzer Gets His...

Every now and then a request is going to come along that will require that I do it immediately, while the person or event is still in the news. Such was the case with my piece this week "Politickle Punishment". When it came out that Eliot Spitzer had a thing for leaving his knee-high dress socks on while he did the deed with his hooahs, foot fetishist's ears perked up.

The request asked for Eliot to be put on public display in stocks in his dress socks to be properly punished. To be honest, this one felt a little mean to me at first...kind of like kicking a man when he's down. When I pointed this out to the guy who requested the drawing, he suggested injecting a little humor into the scenario by having the tickler be that NYC pseudo-celebrity, the Naked Cowboy.

Sloth's piece this week is a classic tentacle tickling piece he calls "Binding Nemo". A hunky mermaid is at the mercy of a huge, undersea squid tickle monster!


Next week we're going to reach a special milestone: 50 pieces of artwork in the member's section! I'm doing a special piece that wil be free for everyone to mark the occasion. Thanks to each and every member for helping us keep this venture going with your memberships. We couldn't do it without you.


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ticklemysheersocks said...

Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!! Not only have I been hoping for a dark dress sox tickle drawing - but I'd been secretly lusting for one of Spitzer getting tickled in those infamous black knee highs! So a two-in-one blessing is what I saw when I clicked on your site today. Thanks again!!!