Monday, March 24, 2008

Call Me Carrie Bradshaw...

Remember that episode of Sex And The City when Carrie's computer died and she hadn't backed anything up, ever?


Well, it's not that bad.

I'm actually pretty good about backing things up, but I don't do it as often as I should. Good thing, because Easter Sunday, my iMac took the big dirt nap. It had been acting screwy for awhile, but when I brought it to the 'geniuses' a few months ago, they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I have most of my Achilles artwork backed up, but I lost the high-res versions of my last two pieces.

Luckily, I had just ordered myself a new laptop with my tax refund. I've been needing one that was powerful enough to do some work on the road. It arrived last Thursday, just in time.

Most of this past weekend (when I'm normally busy drawing and coloring) was spent desperately trying to save data off of the old machine, and getting the laptop up to speed with software, drivers, etc.

Sloth did a wonderful piece for today that was requested from a member: Iroh from "Avatar the Last Airbender" getting foot tickle tortured for information. The characters from this show are a perfect fit for Sloth's style.


Now that I'm up and running again (at 1am on Sunday), I'm hoping to have a new piece on either Thursday or Friday for you guys. It's going to take a little adjustment to do all of my work on a laptop, but since my iMac is still under warranty, it shouldn't have to be for very long.

Happy Easter!


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