Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Early Feedback, and About Updates

I wanted to post a message about the frequency of updates for the site. We'll be updating on Mondays, which will give you a little something to look forward to at the beginning of the week. I'll be posting to this blog on the same day of each week.

Early response to the site has been great, and I've appreciated all of your feedback. Here's an excerpt of an e-mail I received the other day:

"I just joined, and I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the site. I love the work of both artists, and I am really impressed with how Achilles' work has evolved and, in my opinion, gotten hotter and more creative...I also love Sloth's Indian picture. The drawing is utterly original and drawn beautifully. I would like to see more stuff like that--creative fantasy with an interesting perspective...I would also love to see some forced foot worship thrown in with the tickling. I also love pictures showing the reaction right before the tickling actually starts."

There will be a lot more fantasy scenarios to come, and I had already given some thought to including some foot worship scenes into the mix as well. I also agree that sometimes the anticipation of the tickle can be just as hot as the act itself.

I hope you're all enjoying yourselves! Until next Monday,


Friday, August 3, 2007

And so, it begins...

Welcome to the first installment of my weekly blog!

More than ten years ago I discovered the community of male foot and tickling fans through the mail order club The Foot Fraternity by accidentally stumbling across one of their ads in a magazine. This was pre-internet, before it was as easy as typing the word "tickling" into Google and having hundreds of sites at your fingertips.

I'd always been aroused by tickling, but had no idea that I wasn't alone. Material on the subject of male tickle torture was rare, and I when the contacts I made through the FootFrat found out that I was an artist I got many requests for drawings. I did roughly a dozen black and white illustrations, and traded them for some other materials.

Years later, the internet arrived and suddenly tickle fetishists had ways to find both material and each other. I was surprised to find a few of my drawings showing up on message boards now and then. They had sometimes even been altered to fit someone else's specific fantasy.

I've been working as a professional illustrator for the past 10 years, and I recently made the decision to get back into fetish art. This site is the companion to my male tickling illustration website www.achillesheelart.com. In this blog I'll be addressing questions I receive from members, listing the most interesting requests I get that week and occasionally posting sketches of works in progress.