Monday, February 25, 2013


I've been neglecting my blogging duties this week, sorry! I've been on the road visiting some friends in Baltimore and then some family in Florida. And look who took me to Disneyworld! My buddy and yours, the incomparable CatInHat.
We look skeptical of that San Francisco backdrop...  We had fun and went on the Star Wars ride multiple times. He didn't even make fun of me for buying action figures! He's such a sweetie.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Does Tickling Make You HARD?

The #tickling over at TickledHard certainly will. They're still a relatively new site, but they've been getting some very hot young ticklish guys into their clutches.

Their latest cutie is Jacob, who has VERY nice feet and an incredibly cute, infectious laugh. Watching him get tickled is a real treat. It's clear he wasn't sure what he was going to be in for, but at the same time he seems to enjoy his tickle torture.

Another recent guy was the scruffy Denim, who Franco was pretty merciless with. 
And then there was David, who had very ticklish nipples that Franco spent a LOT of time teasing. If you like sensitive nips, this scene will definitely push your buttons.
Poor Matt really didn't seem to like being tickled...but too bad! Franco showed his body and sexy bare feet no mercy.
And finally, there's Trevor. I really like this guy. He's got very sexy long-toed feet, and a beautiful body. He does a lot of yoga, so he's in great shape. He's appeared on Tickled Hard as a tickler before, but this was his first time as a victim. Franco got this guy to do some serious begging by the end of the scene, and it's VERY hot. For you sock lovers, the scene starts with him getting those nice feet tickled through silk sheers!

So, be sure to CLICK HERE to stop by this new tickling site to check it out. They have previews of each scene that will most likely convince you to take the plunge and join.

I'm just gonna say it...

#PeterDinklage is hot. Discuss.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Marry Me

I'd get snuggie with this guy. #DreamHusband

Friday, February 8, 2013

Extreme Ticklez

One of the things I love about ExtremeBoyz is that they don't skimp on the bondage equipment. They get their young victims into very restrictive, secure bondage that makes them totally helpless. This week, they've updated with a video featuring Rayvin, a young cutie who turns out to be VERY ticklish.

If you want to see Rayvin tickled silly, and then subjected to a bit of tummy flogging, CLICK HERE to visit ExtremeBoyz today!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

RIP Arpad Miklos

Sadly, it seems the very sexy Arpad Miklos took his own life. He was always one of my favorite porn stars, being so very handsome and proudly hairy and masculine. I walked by him on the street in Manhattan last year, and he was just as striking in person. He wasn't foot shy either, having done several foot scenes in films. An article about his passing can be found HERE.

Seager Foot Fetish Photography - Brad

Seager Foot Fetish Photography has been photographing and tickling very sexy young men for awhile now, but his latest is definitely his greatest. Check out this cutie, Brad:

Brad is a personal trainer with VERY ticklish feet. CLICK HERE to visit Seager's Clips4Sale store to buy the clip where he gets tickled. And, while you're there, check out all the clips he has to offer! Let's support this guy so he can lure more sexy young men into his tickle lair, and maybe even convince a few of them to let him tie them up!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


No one can resist evil underarm tickling...

Friday, February 1, 2013

X-Tremely Hot

I'm a gigantic comics nerd, but I've become selective in my old age, and pretty much only follow artists that I really like these days. I don't read many of the X-Men books anymore, but this cover of X-Treme X-Men #9 caught my eye...
Jesus, that's a sexy image. I've always been hot for both Marvel's Hercules and Wolverine, and here they are in all of their half-naked hairy glory. I bought the issue because of the cover alone.

Imagine my surprise when I read the book and realized that it takes place in an alternate reality where Herc and Wolvie are GAY LOVERS. Holy crap! There's a couple I never thought I'd see happen in mainstream comics.

Congrats, Marvel! You managed to turn me on AND break down barriers in the comics publishing industry at the same time.