Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can You Smell...?

Hey tickle fanatics!  It's time for 4 more great illustrations of devious tickle torture.

First up, CheshireCat has decided that Sloth's League of Evil Ticklers needs a team of heroes to battle them.  He's created "Feather Force Five" and this week he's drawn the first member of the team, the huge-pawed and hirsute "Bear Foot".  He's got Sloth's The Sadist in his clutches and is showing his bare feet the true meaning of sadism.  Next, I draw a former WWE superstar who went Hollywood, and is now a bonafide movie star!  He's got his big, sheer socked feet propped up on a desk as an adoring fan tickles them and he wants to know, can you SMELL "What the SOCKS are cooking?" This piece will Rock your world.
Over in the Athena galleries, Blithwulf gives us a terrifyingly erotic scenario involving an evil tickling clown.  I think everyone is a little scared of clowns, and this one is especially frightening.  He's subjecting a woman who is bound with only her bare feet exposed to "Dr. Chuckle's Clown Therapy".  Next, GiGi takes us to a very special summer camp, where lovely young ladies gather around a special "campfire" for a special ritual involving a lot of bare feet, feathers and laughter! You'll want to take part in this "Camp Initiation".

That's all for this week!  As always, you can view the complete versions of these drawings in the member's section of AchillesHeelArt!

Until next week...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sexy Pits

Ripe for the ticklin'.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Nips

Something very near and dear to my heart: gentle nipple play:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Please...No More TICKLING!

Hey Tickle Fans!

It's time for four more great illustrations of ticklish torment, just for you!

First up, Darkharp dips her toe into the M/M pool, and the results are fantastic.  This piece has a handsome Grey Warden being put through the paces by a devilish elf his ticklish armpits!  Surely this great warrior doesn't have a weakness like being ticklish?  You'll find out in "Grey Warden, Tickled Pink".  Then, Azazello draws two samurai who decide to overpower a stealthy ninja to show him who is the greater warrior.  They bind and torture him on his very soft and sensitive bare feet, until he's helpless with silent laughter. 
Then, on the Athena side of the site, I did a special commission for someone who wanted to see Sydney Bristow made helpless and tickled on her sexy bare feet...but a certain famous cartoon tickler!  That's right, you'll want to see this piece as much for the beautiful Ms. Garner as for my real-world take on Mr. Don Turtelli in "The Great Rambaldi". Then, in CheshireCat's latest masterpiece, Giganta has gotten loose and unleashes her tickling fury on her two stretchy tormentors.  She's tied them into literal knots and is tickling their feet until they're in tears in "Gigantic Revenge".

As always, you can view the whole versions of these drawings in the member's section of AchillesHeelArt!

Until next week...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pete's Meat

Pete Kuzak is one of the most perfect masculine male specimens on the planet.  I can't get enough of his huge, wide hairy chest.  I even found a rare sole shot, and his feet do not disappoint!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another Incredible Tickling at MyFriendsFeet!

MyFriendsFeet always does great tickling videos, but lately they've been on a roll.  They've been getting a lot of guys into mummification bondage, with only their heads and ticklish feet exposed. Personally, I love this kind of immobilization bondage.  This week, the incredibly hot Jack McHawk is tickle tortured into insanity.
I happen to know, from both sides of the experience, that neck tickling can be EVIL.  Cat has been tickling the necks of his victims a lot, and it's become a new favorite tickle spot of mine.  Some guys go crazy when you tickle their necks!

Cat's fiend Dev has been assisting him a lot lately, and I have to say he's also become a favorite of mine.  He takes obvious evil glee in having these guys at his mercy.  His face really shows how much fun he's having, and I love it!
This is a perfect scene: a hot guy with incredibly sexy feet, trapped in tight bondage, and tickled crazy on his soles and neck by two sexy and evil ticklers.  And feathers!  I can never get enough foot feather tickling.
See this great scene and tons more tickling at the best-bang-for-your-tickle-buck on the web, MyFriendsFeet!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Nothing like some slightly dirty athletic socks...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tickle Tickle Tiiiickle...

It's that time again!  Time for 4 more wickedly fun tickle torture illustrations!

This week, I draw a poor, bearded fellow in a terrible predicament.  He's alone in a dank dungeon, his head, hands and feet all trapped in wooden stocks.  An evil device with a pendulum and two feathers rocks endlessly back and forth tickling the soles of his helpless feet, keeping him in a state of "Perpetual Torture".  Next, Wez Hyrules our asses with his new piece in which the evil Ganondorf has a certain elf strapped to a table as he delicately traces his chest and underarms with purple tickling magic in "A Link to the Laughs".
In the Athena Galleries, Azazello goes Greek, as two buxom beauties duke it out in a contest to the death...TICKLED to death, that is!  One has overpowered and bound the other, and is licking and tickling her into a frenzy in "Very GLADiators".  Then, BlueBully makes her debut on the Athena side with a piece in which Olive Oyl finally gets to do the tickling for a change.  She's sick of that brute Bluto always tickling her feet so, when she finds him hogtied by Popeye, she can't resist pulling off his boots and giving his huge feet the tickling of a lifetime in "Olive's Revenge".

As always, you can view the whole versions of these drawings int he member's section of AchillesHeelArt!

Until next week!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh my, YES.

These are just wide, masculine perfection.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Slooowly peeling off those socks...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hey Gang!

This week we've got 4 more ticklish situations for you to enjoy!  

First up, Blithwulf gives us the torment of a poor, ticklish college professor who is being tickled on his large, sensitive feet until he agrees to rethink the grades of several of his students.  They're going to tickle him into "Remaking the Grade". Then, Azazello ventures into cyberspace where a certain Mr. Flynn is having a blast tickling a rogue algorithm in a skintight outfit.  Unfortunately, the construct has very ticklish feet, especially through the thin soles of his uniform.  I know you'll love "TickleTron".
Over in the Athena galleries, poor naive Ariel didn't know what she was getting into when she wished for legs.  She had no idea that handsome Prince Eric had a foot and tickling fetish!  Sloth draws a piece where she's discovering the downside of having sexy, sensitive soles in "Careful What You Wish For".  Then, Azazello draws Ann Margret going ga ga for the King of Rock's sheer socked bare feet!  She pulls off his blue suede shoes and tickles him into ecstasy in "Elvis in: Tickle Me".

That's all for this week!  As always you can view the full versions of these drawings in the member's section of AchillesHeelArt!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Animation Stills

Some stills from animated scenes of tickling. I think tickle torture in animated cartoons is one of my biggest turn-ons.

And before you ask, I don't have all the clips these came from.  I found most of these stills online.