Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Please...No More TICKLING!

Hey Tickle Fans!

It's time for four more great illustrations of ticklish torment, just for you!

First up, Darkharp dips her toe into the M/M pool, and the results are fantastic.  This piece has a handsome Grey Warden being put through the paces by a devilish elf his ticklish armpits!  Surely this great warrior doesn't have a weakness like being ticklish?  You'll find out in "Grey Warden, Tickled Pink".  Then, Azazello draws two samurai who decide to overpower a stealthy ninja to show him who is the greater warrior.  They bind and torture him on his very soft and sensitive bare feet, until he's helpless with silent laughter. 
Then, on the Athena side of the site, I did a special commission for someone who wanted to see Sydney Bristow made helpless and tickled on her sexy bare feet...but a certain famous cartoon tickler!  That's right, you'll want to see this piece as much for the beautiful Ms. Garner as for my real-world take on Mr. Don Turtelli in "The Great Rambaldi". Then, in CheshireCat's latest masterpiece, Giganta has gotten loose and unleashes her tickling fury on her two stretchy tormentors.  She's tied them into literal knots and is tickling their feet until they're in tears in "Gigantic Revenge".

As always, you can view the whole versions of these drawings in the member's section of AchillesHeelArt!

Until next week...

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