Monday, January 26, 2009

Pics from My Collection

I've got a pretty large library of (ahem) REFERENCE that I often use to create my drawings. I've decided that as part of my plan to make my blog a destination, I'll be sharing my collection with everyone. I will not be posting images from other pay sites, unless I happen to be promoting them. To kick it off (pun intended) I'm posting some of my favorite foot pics.

I'm Feeling Animated!

Hey Gang,

Here's a little info on the past two week's worth of updates. We'll start with last week.

First off, Wez delves into another one of his passions: Kung-Fu movies. He gives us a Shaolin Monk's non-violent defense against attack in "The 5 Fingers of Tickling".

Next, Sloth gives us what is actually the very next comic panel following Snake's Cap vs Hulk piece. Yeeeahh....that's it. Actually, this just happened to be a complete coincidental resemblance between the two drawings. Maybe I should do my own Cap vs Hulk piece next...

Because this week is a light week (only one new piece in the member's section) I decided to make it a special animated gif. The pit ticklers will love this one, as a sexy young man struggles to maintain his composure against animated wiggling fingers in "It's the Pits!".

Also added to the site this week, in our Free Archive, is the artwork that was produced for the TKLFrat's new home page. It depicts a young frat pledge undergoing one hell of an initiation. Be sure to drop by the TKLFrat site soon! They're undergoing some reconstruction, but their forums are alive and well.

See you all next week!


Monday, January 12, 2009

A Very Worthy Cause

Help support the TKLFrat! For years now, has been a free website and community for fans of m/m tickling. They have the best forums on the subject, covering a wide variety of topics within the fetish. If you're into tickling and haven't visited the Frat's forums, you're really missing out.

The site is undergoing an overhaul right now, so some of the main links on the site are not working. However, they've updated the home page and forum main banner with brand new artwork that I provided for them, free of charge. In addition, I've donated the original pencils of the drawing for them to auction off to the highest bidder, in order to help support their operating costs. This is actually the first time an original "Achilles" has been offered up for sale.

Here's an image of the original pencil drawing that is up for grabs. It's 11" x 14", pencil on bristol paper.

If you'd like to bid on the drawing, you must be a registered member of the TKLFrat forums. It's easy to register, and completely free. The link to the auction is under their "General" forum under the heading "A special benefit for". The winning bidder will send payment directly to a member of the Frat's staff, and I will mail the drawing to the winner. I will sign the drawing, and will personalize the signature if desired.

Thanks for looking into this worthy cause!


Barbarians and Skydivers

This week brings a few new unusual pieces from Nomar and Snake.

First, Snake gives us "Ticklar the Barbarian", who finds himself at the mercy of a man-tickling and man-eating plant! Will he survive this ordeal to become a recurring character? We'll see...

Next, Nomar presents a drawing that seems to include the same guy from Sloth's recent piece "Early Riser". Two skydivers engage in a little mid-air hilarity in "Sky Ticklers".


That's all for this week!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Latest Obsession: Zane Lowe

This guy is the host of MTV Two's Gonzo, but I'm only just discovering him. He's incredibly hot (especially love the kick pic) and, judging by the brief but sexy tickling he gives Gerard Way, he could be "One of Us". Check out the video at the end of the post.

(tickling is at 1:27)

Monday, January 5, 2009


Hey Everyone!

Will Wez ever run out of post-apocalyptic scenarios in which to base his drawings? Apparently not. This week, he brings you "Tetsuooo Ho Ho!", a particularly ANIMEted piece, complete with telekinetic feathers.


WARNING! My piece this week is most definitely adult in nature. I took some inspiration from Franco this week, and put a poor, sexy young man at the mercy of an evil tickling/milking machine in "Tickle Spheres". Is it some bizarre futuristic torture robot? The twisted machine of an evil villain? You decide...

Enjoy this week's update!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our First Commercial

Here's a little iMovie I threw together, to give those of you who haven't joined yet a taste of what you're missing.