Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Certain Lack of Achillesosity...

In case some of you have noticed, there hasn't been a lot of art by me lately. My loyal team of fellow fetish fashioners have stepped up to the plate as I prepare for a huge change in my life:

I'm moving on up! To the west side, that is.

I'm relocating to New York City in May, and the move is taking a lot of my time and energy this month. Once I get settled, you can look forward to a lot more work from me, as I'm still unemployed. I'll have plenty of ticklish time on my hands.

Some of you may want to check out a recent review of our site by! Here's the direct link: AchillesHeelArt Review

Thanks for continuing to support our site!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zero Gee Hee Hee

Hey everyone!

This week we've got two new pieces from a couple of your favorite fetish fanatics, Blithwulf and Wez.

First up, Blith gives us a space-age tickling creation with an international flavor. These four astronauts in training are testing their stamina in a zero-gee having a tickle fight! It's hard to pull your foot away from wiggling fingers when you're floating in space on the "International Tickle Station".Next up, Wez answers the request of a member who wanted to see an old west scenario. A cowboy is caught cheating at cards, and gets punished by one of the desperadoes he duped. Too bad this cheater didn't "Know When to Fold 'Em"

See you all next week!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

TILF-House of M Hulk

My second "TILF" is another big, bald muscular barefoot character. Anyone see a pattern here...? Marvel comics did an alternate universe story called "House of M", in which many of the major characters underwent drastic changes. I didn't follow the storyline too closely, so I'm not sure why Hulk is covered in tattoos. But I'm not complaining!He certainly looks surly in this incarnation but, then again, the Hulk was never known for being nice and gentle.Being both a toy collector and a total foot perv, I can hardly ever resist buying a barefoot male toy. Hulk's feet are green, gigantic and nicely sculpted on the tops.Sadly, however, the nice sculpting doesn't continue onto the soles of the feet, which are disappointingly flat and shapeless. THIS MAKE HULK ANGRY!!!At least his various tattoos are very nicely painted, and quite sexy.HULK LEAVE NOW!!! Check out those wings as he makes his exit...

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Natives are Restless

Hey Everyone,

Here's the information on our last two updates!

Last week, Sloth gave us a peek into a friendly, playful contest between two buddies playing a game on their Xbox. The loser gets tied and tickled! You need to be really good at Halo when playing "High Stakes Xbox". Also last week, the character in Blithwulf's piece got slimed! This lucky (or unlucky?) naked man is held into place by a slime monster who both tickles him from head to toe and extracts some rather precious fluid from him. I know you'll love "Alien Tentickles". This week, Wez had a hankerin' to draw a Cyclops, based on an old Sinbad adventure movie. Apparently, in that film, the monster tied a hero to a spit and slow roasted him. In Wez's version, the torture isn't as hot but is equally unbearable. Enjoy "One-Eyed Monster". Also this week, I updated our home page with a brand new Spring cover. I decided to go back to my first home page's inspiration: old men's pulp magazines. A team of explorers is captured by natives who subject them to slow feather tickling torture as a sacrifice to their god. In the jungle, no one can hear you laugh and beg...

See you all next week!


Killer Smile-George Eads

I've never quite been able to figure out why George Eads isn't more famous than he already is. He's got leading man good looks and a superhero chiseled jaw that won't quit. Maybe he's just one of those guys comfortable with a modest amount of fame.

The thing I love most about him is his smile. He's got those adorable eye crinkles that go all the way down to his cheekbones and the corners of his mouth. This is a man who is going to age well. He does seem notoriously foot shy, though. I have yet to come across any decent shots of him barefoot.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Southern Gent: Butch

One site I visit regularly is They're an amateur site where guys put up photo sets of themselves in various stages of undress, and you can pay to join to see their member's only content. Many of the guys take requests, and aren't shy about showing off their feet. They used to have a broader mix of guys, but these days the pickings are kind of slim. I decided to post some of my favorite former "gents" here. These are photos that are no longer available on their site, so I figure no harm done.

First up is a guy who called himself "Butch" I really liked this beefy fratboy guido.

A New Dimension in Tickling

Hey Everyone,

Here's the info on last week's update, which was a first ever double-posting by one artist! Blithwulf is the latest addition to our creative pool, and he's fast becoming a favorite. He's bringing incredible life and animation to 3D figure work, as his characters twist and turn away from tickling fingers and feathers.

Last week he answered the request of a member who wanted to see the little known tale of John Andre illustrated. Many historical illustrations of this event show him in his stockinged feet, after he's had his boots removed in order to find the secret documents that were hidden within. Only on AchillesHeelArt do you see what happened next... There are two versions of "Tarrytown T Party" for download: one with socked feet and one with bare feet!Also last week, Blithwulf tried his hand at a giant piece. This one's unique in that the bondage device is actually architecture! This huge brute got his feet stuck under a gate, and the townsfolk are ready with giant feathers to teach this trespasser a lesson. Enjoy "Gatehouse Giggles".

That was all for last week, update #134!


Monday, April 5, 2010

If you can't BEAR being tickled...

...then you just might want to stop by StoutStocks.

Run by my buddy and co-artist Blithwulf, StoutStocks is a social networking site for ticklers of a specific variety: those who love bearish types and older gentlemen. Even if you're just a bear admirer (like myself) there's plenty for you to see there.The site allows you to set up a personal profile with photos, and links to any videos you might want to share. The main focus of the group is stout, hairy men and those who admire them. If you're sick and tired of skinny, hairless twinks then go pay a visit to the sexy manly men at Stoutstocks. Pull off their workboots and grab a feather...