Thursday, April 15, 2010

A New Dimension in Tickling

Hey Everyone,

Here's the info on last week's update, which was a first ever double-posting by one artist! Blithwulf is the latest addition to our creative pool, and he's fast becoming a favorite. He's bringing incredible life and animation to 3D figure work, as his characters twist and turn away from tickling fingers and feathers.

Last week he answered the request of a member who wanted to see the little known tale of John Andre illustrated. Many historical illustrations of this event show him in his stockinged feet, after he's had his boots removed in order to find the secret documents that were hidden within. Only on AchillesHeelArt do you see what happened next... There are two versions of "Tarrytown T Party" for download: one with socked feet and one with bare feet!Also last week, Blithwulf tried his hand at a giant piece. This one's unique in that the bondage device is actually architecture! This huge brute got his feet stuck under a gate, and the townsfolk are ready with giant feathers to teach this trespasser a lesson. Enjoy "Gatehouse Giggles".

That was all for last week, update #134!


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