Friday, April 23, 2010

The Natives are Restless

Hey Everyone,

Here's the information on our last two updates!

Last week, Sloth gave us a peek into a friendly, playful contest between two buddies playing a game on their Xbox. The loser gets tied and tickled! You need to be really good at Halo when playing "High Stakes Xbox". Also last week, the character in Blithwulf's piece got slimed! This lucky (or unlucky?) naked man is held into place by a slime monster who both tickles him from head to toe and extracts some rather precious fluid from him. I know you'll love "Alien Tentickles". This week, Wez had a hankerin' to draw a Cyclops, based on an old Sinbad adventure movie. Apparently, in that film, the monster tied a hero to a spit and slow roasted him. In Wez's version, the torture isn't as hot but is equally unbearable. Enjoy "One-Eyed Monster". Also this week, I updated our home page with a brand new Spring cover. I decided to go back to my first home page's inspiration: old men's pulp magazines. A team of explorers is captured by natives who subject them to slow feather tickling torture as a sacrifice to their god. In the jungle, no one can hear you laugh and beg...

See you all next week!


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