Sunday, April 25, 2010

TILF-House of M Hulk

My second "TILF" is another big, bald muscular barefoot character. Anyone see a pattern here...? Marvel comics did an alternate universe story called "House of M", in which many of the major characters underwent drastic changes. I didn't follow the storyline too closely, so I'm not sure why Hulk is covered in tattoos. But I'm not complaining!He certainly looks surly in this incarnation but, then again, the Hulk was never known for being nice and gentle.Being both a toy collector and a total foot perv, I can hardly ever resist buying a barefoot male toy. Hulk's feet are green, gigantic and nicely sculpted on the tops.Sadly, however, the nice sculpting doesn't continue onto the soles of the feet, which are disappointingly flat and shapeless. THIS MAKE HULK ANGRY!!!At least his various tattoos are very nicely painted, and quite sexy.HULK LEAVE NOW!!! Check out those wings as he makes his exit...

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