Monday, December 29, 2008

The Bourne Hilarity

It's almost 2009, and we've wrapping up 2008 with the two artists that were the first contributors to AchillesHeelArt: Me and Sloth.


First, I bring you one of my personal fantasies: Mr. Damon. One part of the conditioning that was done to poor David Webb to turn him into a deadly assassin was omitted from that third movie in the trilogy. I give you the foot tickling of Jason in "The Bourne Hilarity".

Next, Sloth gives us an inventive bear-type who solved the problem of how to get up in time for work: a tickle-torturing timepiece! More than one thing is getting "up" in "Early Riser".

Next week we'll have the first posting of 2009! There are tons of great things in store in the coming year!


Monday, December 22, 2008

A Very AHA Christmas

Hey Everyone!

Despite being nearly buried in 3 feet of snow here in Massachusetts while I visit my relatives, I'm still in the Christmas giving spirit. This week we're posting 3 pieces of art for our special holiday update, two of them Christmas-themed!


First, Snake gives us a very kinky elf having a little bit of Yuletide cheer with Santa in "Underneath the Tickletoe".

Next, Sloth gives me "The Perfect Gift": a very ticklish and helpless hot young man with gorgeous feet. Just what I wanted!

I never posted about our new home page, so I'll mention it now. Santa's elves help him train for his upcoming season with the HoHoMeter. Santa won't get unstrapped until the meter reads "Jolly"!

And finally, Mr. Zikkon gives us the latest page in the continuing saga of Major Power and Private Thawtz. We're back to the present, and Major Power finally sees that Thawtz's tickle obsession is something he has to deal with, one way or another.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! Thanks to everyone who helped to support us over the past year. We've got great things in store for 2009!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Holiday Begins

Here's the skinny on our last two updates: By now, you've probably seen my new holiday themed 2008 Winter home page, which is my Christmas card to all of you. If not, drop by the main site to see it!

Last week, Sloth gave us that blue-collar fantasy of revenge on one of those guys who tows away our cars. A business man does a little ticket tickling in "Violators will be TOED". Also last week, Snake illustrated a certain hulking green brute employing tickle tactics against one of his former teammates in "Hulk TICKLE!"


This week, our holiday extravaganza begins with both Nomar and Wez providing yuletide kink. First, Nomar gives us a glimpse into Santa's stable in a piece about a young elf who finds a unique way to pass the time in "Mistletoes". Then, Wez gives an old classic his unique spin in "The Abominable TOEman". It turns out that Bumbles not only bounce, they tickle, too!


Next week we'll have two more special holiday pieces, plus the latest page from Mr. Zikkon!

Good luck with all of your holiday chores!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Killer Smile-Sean Bean

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I wound up getting sucked into a Lord of the Rings marathon, even though I own the movies on dvd and can watch them whenever I want. I sat and watched the entire trilogy in one day. Although everyone goes on and on about Viggo Mortensen's Aragorn, my heart really belongs to Boromir.

Sean Bean's portrayal of the dark, conflicted Boromir didn't give him much of a chance to show off his toothy, sexy grin. It was only by google searching pictures of him that I discovered some pics of a very happy Mr. Bean (no, not that one).

Perhaps there will have to be a few LOTR pieces in my website's future. I know everyone's going to want to see pretty young Legolas getting it, but I'd much rather play a tune on the horn of Boromir, if you catch my meaning...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Rock and Roll Week!

Hey Gang,

This week Wez and Snake's chakras were in alignment, or something. Completely independant of each other, they decided to do pieces involving rock stars of the 70s!

First, Snake describes his piece as a "Glitter-Rock Era David Bowie Tickling Extravaganza!" Could that be Major Tom that Ziggy is tickling? One thing's for sure...he's certainly sending him to SUFFERagette City!

Next, Wez gives us a glimpse behind the scenes as a loyal KISS fan is inducted into the KISS army through one final test: tickle torture by the whole band! That long tongue of Gene's is good for more than one thing...


Tune in next week, when we'll have a brand new holiday-themed home page!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is he ticklish? Listen, Bud...

This week, Sloth dives into the subject matter closest to his heart: comic books. In his Spectacular piece this week, he swings into action with "Brock's Revenge" in which we discover that a certain Symbiote Supervillain has many uses for that long, slimy tongue of his. This is truly some of the finest tickle art on the...wait for it...WEB.

Speaking of superheroics, Mr. Zikkon delivers again with his continuing flashback sequence involving Captain Awesome and his mysterious belt of power. When the attacking tickle hands dive in for the kill and rip his mystic belt off, it spells certain ticklish doom for our poor hero...


See you all next week!


Monday, November 17, 2008

It's-A Me! Mario!

For those of you who like to see hairy guys tickled, you're in for a treat this week. Both Snake and Wez submit a couple of hirsute, ticklish dudes.

Snake's piece is wacky and wonderful: a certain Italian plumber is tickled by just about every one of his opponents from his game series in "Tickle-Me Mario"!

Wez is at it again with his usual great sense of humor with "¡Los Feeto Banditos!". Two evil Mexican robbers tie a hapless and hairy cowboy to a tree and mercilessly attack his feet.


Next week I'm back from being on the road for my day job, and we'll have our special Thanksgiving update!


Monday, November 10, 2008

The Return of NOMAR

Hey everyone,

After a bit of a hiatus, Nomar returns today with one of his devious creations. A young man's feet are at the mercy of a floating, tickling robot in "Robottoms".

Also this week, Sloth answers a request from a member to see exactly how those British royal guards are trained to be so stoic in "A Royal Pain". Pit ticklers will love this one...


I'm on the road for my other job for the next two weeks, so my dedicated and talented crew of artists is picking up the slack for me. I will return with more of my own work at the end of the month.


Monday, November 3, 2008

EXTREME Tickleover

Honestly, my piece this week didn't start out as a celebrity one. I've been meaning to do a tickling pic involving a guy in flip flops for a long time now (at the request of my buddy Joey from FlipFlopErotic). As I started to draw a guy in flips tied to a chair and tickled, he started to look more and more like Ty Pennington from Extreme Makeover, Home Edition. I figured, that show has made me cry so many times, why not tie down that hyperactive spaz Ty and make HIM cry a little?

Also this week: You'd think that by now Wez would have exhausted the videogame puns. But no, this week's might be his best yet. He brings you two elaborately costumed characters from that fan favorite: SOLE Calibur. Get it? Whoever doesn't laugh at our puns gets tickled as badly as the two guys in this drawing...


See you all next week!


Monday, October 27, 2008

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Hey Everyone,

This week, Snake pulls out all the stops with an amazing piece starring those kinky deities, the Greek Pantheon. This is truly his best piece yet, as he's illustrated a tickle orgy of god-like proportions. I hope you enjoy "Laugh of the Titans" as much as I did.

Also, Sloth gives us a much more down-to-earth and blue-collar piece in "Nailed". If you like flannel-wearing, scruffy dudes having a little fun with each other on their break, you'll love this piece.


See you all next week!


Monday, October 13, 2008


Hey Everyone,

Thanks for your patience this week. I've been going through some very inconveniencing construction on my house over that past few weeks. My internet access has been unreliable, and my access to my studio was cut off when my power was out for several days. It put me a bit behind schedule. We've caught up this week.

Last week, you thrilled to the continuing adventures of Major Power and Private Thawtz in a special flashback scene involving Captain Awesome. The Captain arrives on a scene of utter chaos as flying mechanical tickle hands have the entire male population of his city in stitches. The evil hands make him their target as this month's episode comes to a close...

Speaking of "FLASHbacks", my piece is an homage to a film that had a profound effect on me as a young man. Just about every male character in this film was sexy, but there was a particular scene in which the hero is bound in a dungeon with his arms over his head. That scene most definitely made an impression on me. The man directing the tickling in this piece is particularly...MERCILESS.


This week, Wez provides us with our special Fall/Halloween home page image, which is free for everyone! Since Wez arrived on the scene, I always knew he'd be perfect for a spooky image like this one. Zombie hands burst through the ground, rotten fingers wiggling in: "NIGHT OF THE TICKLING DEAD".

And finally, Sloth has a piece that will certainly get your "Gears" turning. In "Dawgs of War" we get to see what those huge, burly videogame tough guys are hiding beneath their enormous boots. Yeah, they're tough...yeah, they're hardened killers. That doesn't mean they're not ticklish...


Enjoy this week's update! We've got some very special things in store in the coming months!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Soccer Jock Slave"

Hey Everyone,

Now and then a request comes in that asks for an illustration based on one of the many erotic tickling fiction stories that are out there. This week, I took a segment of "Soccer Jock Slave" by Dick and did my best to convey the tickle torture of a poor young guy at the mercy of an evil soccer team.

Also this week, Snake gives us a little male "BONDing" in the piece, "I Expect You to Laugh". Will you be shaken, or stirred by this piece?


See you next week!


Monday, September 29, 2008

I Wanna Hold Your Foot

Okay, folks: Snake wins this week's most clever title.

A member had written in wanting to see a young Paul McCartney tied and tickled by the other members of the Beatles because they're sick and tired of him writing all of their songs all the time. Not only did Snake do a great drawing of the Fab Four, but he nailed the title with "I Wanna Hold Your Foot".

Also this week, Sloth provides us with a tickle anticipation which a fratboy has a buffet of choices laid out before him. 3 hogtied young pledges, all barefoot. Where to begin...? "Eeney Meeney Miney Moe"


That's it for this week! Next week I'll be returning with some new art!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Feeling Animated

Hey Everyone,

I'm posting about our last two updates today:

Last week, Snake got a little "Sly" and gave us his third drawing, "Summer Gut-Buster" in which two of the biggest Action Heroes in the world go at each other in a merciless tickle fight.

My piece from last week (actually posted today) is a special animated version of our First Birthday card. I went back into it and turned it into an animated gif! I was pretty pleased with the results, although it's a little tougher to animate a piece that wasn't originally intended to be in motion. I'd love to hear what you think of this piece, and if you'd like to see more of this sort of thing. You can find the animation in the Free Archive section.


This week, Wez and Snake astound and delight with their latest masterworks. In "Take Your Stinking Paws Off Me", Snake takes us far into the future where poor Charlton is bound and manhandled...or is that APEhandled? In another cinematic trip into an apocalyptic future, Wez gives us "Glad Max". Roving bands of evil bikers scour the wasteland for poor victims to lash to their muscle cars and tickle to death. Don't tell me that Mel doesn't deserve this...


See you all next week!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Much-Needed VayCay

Hey everyone!

I'm in glorious Ocean City NJ for a late summer break. I'm getting lots of inspiration here, and taking in the last of the hot young guys in flip flops before they pack them away for fall.

This will be a light week, as we're posting a new piece from our newest artist "Snake". That will be coming early this evening, and will be fulfilling a member's request.

Next week, we'll be back up to full speed with 3 pieces from me, Wez and Sloth.

I'm off to go foot watching! Jealous?


Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Us! Our Biggest Update Ever!

Hey everyone,

I'm very excited to present our biggest update ever, in celebration of our first year online! Everyone pulled out the stops this week to provide you with their best work yet.


First, Mr. Zikkon continues his ongoing serial with a flashback into Captain Awesome's recent past, before he was captured by the evil Dr. Zyborg.

Second, Sloth illustrates a veritable tickling orgy in "AHA All-Stars". I couldn't believe this piece when I first saw it-he's included almost all the characters every artist at AHA has created so far in one image! It's been uploaded with a handy rollover guide, so you can identify each figure. Even I made I cameo!

Next, I'm very happy to introduce "Snake" to you. He's our latest find, and has a wonderful comic book style. As you can see, he's already got some incredible ideas in his first two pieces "Man of Heel" and "Tickle of Doom". We're thrilled to welcome him aboard, and can't wait to see what he comes up with next!

We're still not done! Wez has a special place in his heart for monsters. He's been dying to do this particular piece for awhile now. I had my doubts that a huge, rocky lava monster could look good being tickled. He proved me wrong with "You..Shall..LAUGH!"

And finally, I've provided my own birthday card for the site with a few of my own characters making a reappearance. It's in the free section, for everyone to enjoy.

And speaking of the free section: As a special bonus for our 1 year anniversary, I've moved 12 of our best drawings out of the member's galleries and into our Free Archive area. So, if you've been holding off joining, I hope these pieces provide the incentive to join today! The 12 free pieces are a great sampling of the kind of work you'll find in the 100 images in our member's section!

Thanks to each and every one of you who has supported us in the past year! We hope to continue to grow and provide you with the best tickling artwork on the web!


Monday, September 1, 2008

The Mother of all Updates (Next Week)

Hey everyone,

This week is a bit light, as we're preparing our biggest update ever for next Monday. We'll be posting 6 pieces, including some from a brand new artist! Also, we've got a special surprise in store for people who have never joined the site before. There will be some new additions to our "Free Archive" section that I hope will serve as an incentive for new members to come aboard.

Today, Wez continues his streak of videogame characters in ticklish situations with a little piece he's called: "Final Feet". This is one of my favorite pieces by him so far...


Be sure to tune in next week for the 1 year anniversary celebration!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Plane Nuts

We've been going through our list of requests, trying to get through some of the older ones that have been sitting around for far too long. This week, Sloth answers the request of a member who had a fantasy about a pilot and co-pilot getting tickle frisky in the cockpit. The scene was very specific, from what the two men used to tickle each other, to the fact that the passengers in the cabin become aware of the high-altitude hijinks. I think Sloth did a great job bringing this one to life (and wisely chose an angle that prevented him from having to draw all those bothersome buttons and gauges) Enjoy "The Friendly Skies"


My piece this week is a freebie for all, and is my second attempt at a toe-wiggling animation. It's in our Free Archive section, since I'm planning to use it on and my new MySpace page. Yes, I'm a big, fat hypocrite and I'm back on MySpace. What can I say? There are just too many fun foot and tickling fans on there for me to stay away for too long. I hope you all like "Feathered Friend".


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gold Record

Hey everyone,

This week we've posted 3 pieces to make up for the light update last week.

In addition to the Hagrid piece from last week, we've added the latest page of the continuing Major Power & Private Thawtz serial, in which Power awkwardly stumbles upon Thawtz acting out some of his fantasies.


For update 49 (we're getting close to 52!) we've added Wez's latest videogame masterpiece "Tikklen". This was a special request from a member who wanted to see a particular character from a very popular fighting game get the treatment. Wez went the extra mile and actually based the mechanical arms on the tickle table on a robotic character from the game.

My piece this week is in honor of Michael Phelps, who made history this week becoming the Olympian to win the most gold medals in one Olympics. I have to admit, I find him quite sexy. Not only does he have killer size 14 feet (which make his incredible swimming speed possible), but he's got an adorably goofy smile. We're 'tickled' by his victory, and so is he in this week's piece.


See you next week!


Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Last 2 Updates

Hey everyone,

Here are the pieces we've posted over the last two weeks:

Last week, Mr. Zikkon gave us page 5 in the contintuing serial of Major Power and Private Thawtz, in which we begin to discover the extent of the young sidekick's obsession with both his partner and with tickle torture.

Also, Wez answered a request from a member to see a young, redneck cub attacked and tickled by a pack of evil snakes. We decided to call this one "Hissy Fit".


This week there is only one piece, although you could call this a "giant" update. This was another member's request, this time to see a certain giant and his huge feet getting the treatment from a few wizards practicing the tickling charm, "Rictusempra"!


There's only one piece this week as I'm working on several things for our upcoming one year anniversary! On September 8th, we'll be posting our 52nd update. There will be a few surprises available for members and non-members alike. Next week we'll have 3 images to make up for this week's light posting.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Killer Smile-Aaron Eckhart

I never really thought much about Aaron Eckhart before I saw Batman The Dark Knight. He did a fantastic job in his role as district attorney Harvey Dent, but it was a pretty serious role. I did a Google search of him and, unlike his Batman character, he seems to always be smiling! And what a nice smile it is. He looks like the human equivalent of a friendly golden retriever.

Monday, July 28, 2008

More-Toe Combat

I'm so proud of Wez. He's not only on a roll producing one great image after another, but now he's started to come up with his own great foot and tickling related puns! His piece this week continues his run of sexy videogame characters with "More-Toe Combat". One of the ticklers in this piece has 4 arms, which always comes in handy when restraining a victim. ;)


My piece is a request from a member who wanted to see a certain cocky stage magician get what's coming to him. This guy is certainly no 'Angel'. In fact, after seeing this piece, you might just call him a "Ticklefreak". Check out "Criss-Crossed" in my member's gallery.

We're fast approaching our one year anniversary! It's hard to believe, but we started last August. I've got some ideas in the works to celebrate the occasion, but I'm also open to suggestions from you guys. Let me know how you think we should celebrate our first birthday at AHA!


Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm 7 Years Old Again

Those who know me well know I have a fetish for more than just tickling. I'm a certifiable action figure addict. I was also the perfect age in 1977 to become completely obsessed with the original Star Wars trilogy. Hasbro has been making Star Wars toys for decades now, and just yesterday they released a brand new version of the flagship of their Star Wars collection, the Millenium Falcon. I got the original one in 1977 for Christmas, and it was my favorite toy. This new model is approximately 30% larger than the old mold, and I couldn't resist getting it immediately.
Now, excuse me while I geek out over the details on this monster. The best part of the update of this toy for me is the cockpit. In the old toy, you were barely able to force Han and Chewie into their seats. This new version has room for 4 figures and lights up!
The new interior is laid out much more like the 'actual' ship, and has the hidden smuggling compartments, laser turret station, medical bay and storage room.
The hold area has all the little details from the film: the chess table (which lights up) and the area where Luke trained with his lightsaber. The boarding ramp slowly lowers along with sounds and light effects.
Virtually ever piece of dialogue spoken in the films is in this toy, accessed through dozens of buttons hidden all over the ship. There are also light and sound effects, including a great blue glowing engine.
Having this ship makes me feel like a kid all over again. Now I just need to figure out a place to put it!

Monday, July 21, 2008

AHA at the Movies

Hey Everyone,

This week we bring you two pieces from the silver screen. Sloth's piece is especially 'Goonie', as it depicts that other famous Sloth at the mercy of his two brothers in "The Other Sloth".

My piece is titled "Why So Serious?", and it's pretty obviously a tribute to the most recent Batman film. I saw it this weekend, and was completely blown away.

Everything you've read about the late Heath Ledger's performance is true. He completely disappeared into the role of the Joker, and made him a force of nature. He's not a villain interested in fame or fortune, only in spreading terror and chaos. It's truly the definitive performance of the character.

My take on the movie is a bit more light-hearted, of course. And who among us wouldn't love to pull the boots off of Christian Bale?


See you next week, when we'll be getting back to some requested images.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Last Two Updates

Hey everyone,

My trip to Maine last week threw off the schedule just a little bit, but we'll be back on track tomorrow.

Last week's update only included "Feet Fighter" by Wez, which depicts two of the burliest characters from a certain fighting videogame in a sexy tickling wrestling hold. Posted this week is "Aw, Crap" in which a well-known demonic investigator is overpowered by a tentacle (tentickle?) monster.


For this week's update, Wez once again supplies an image (he's on a roll!), this time of a classic monster, "The Bare-Wolf of London". A poor, burly Irishman is overcome with laughter as the werewolf wears him down with tickle torture.


Coming on Tuesday morning from me is a piece that I'm going to be posting in the Free Archive section for everyone. This was supposed to be my special 4th of July piece, but my vacation made it fall a week behind. When I did that Uncle Sam image to advertise the site when we first launched a friend of mine asked "Why didn't you do a sexy Uncle Sam?". My drawing for Tuesday has a decidedly sexier Sam being tortured by the current administration, in a poliTICKLE piece that could only be called "Freedom Tickling". The sketch here is black and white, but the final piece will be in full color.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July!


Monday, July 7, 2008

Light This Week, Heavy Next Week

Hey Everyone,

This week we're only posting one image, a new piece from Wez titled "Feet Fighter", based on a certain popular videogame (I'm sure you can guess which one).

Fear not, we'll be making up for the light posting next week, when we post 3, possibly 4 images.

I'm on the road with my family in the glorious state of Maine, which is why I wasn't able to get my piece finished in time for Monday. We'll be back to a regular schedule next week.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

F*@K MySpace

Last week I was deleted from MySpace for the second time. I've decided that I probably won't be going back.

Before my angry rant, let me try to list a few of the positive things that MySpace did for my site in the brief time I had a page there. It's a totally free resource for posting info, pictures etc. about yourself in order to connect with other people who share your interests. It was an excellent way for me to get the word about my website out to guys who have a tickling fetish.

And now, the bad:

The people at MySpace (or the evil machines who send out automated form letters in response to any inquiries) seem to have a completely arbitrary and hypocritical system for deciding what content is appropriate, and what is not. In my travels through their membership roster, I encountered hundreds of websites with content much more explicit than anything I ever posted. There are also plenty of sites that exist to promote another business or website. They hide behind the blanket policy of being able to remove "anything we deem inappropriate" which is vague and subjective enough to include anything at all.

The most distressing part about being deleted from their system is that it happens without a single warning or explanation. One day, you simply cannot log in and you realize that all the work you put into the page, all the photos you uploaded and, most importantly, all the contacts you made are gone in an instant. The first time my page was deleted I was up to nearly 4,000 contacts. That may seem like a modest number in comparison to the millions of connections that celebrities get, but for a small-time tickle artist like myself that was a huge number.

The bots at MySpace tell you that there is no way to retrieve your profile or any photos that were uploaded to your page-it's gone forever. I call "total bullshit" on that one. Suppose someone's page contained information that was important for some criminal investigation? They would be legally required to maintain some sort of record of a deleted page.

I decided to try again, and not put as much effort into the page this time. Within a few months I was back up to 600 members. Then, once again, my page was gone.

This time I fired off several e-mails to them that were decidedly nastier, demanding at least an explanation for what specific content on my page was the deciding factor in deleting me. Of course, all I got in return was form response after form response, no matter how many times I wrote back. I would have been satisfied if a single person had written back to me and said "This was the photo that got you deleted" or "You can't promote your website in this way on your page".

I'm writing this post to warn anyone who has gay fetish content on their MySpace page to count on being eventually booted off their site. I would strongly encourage anyone with a male foot or tickling fetish to join (link in the sidebar) which is a wonderful MySpace-like page specifically for foot lovers.

My only regret is that I can't buddy list Matthew McConaughey on

Monday, June 30, 2008

Send in the Clowns...

Wez is on a roll! This week, our newest artist provides some very colorful (and scary) characters in "Send in the Clowns" in which a couple of jesters take their revenge on the circus Strongman who has been bullying them.


Sloth's drawings are often very sexy, but never as laugh-out-loud funny as this week's submission. I don't want to give too much away about this one, but suffice to say that a certain very effeminate YouTube star gets his feet tickle tortured in a piece that could only be titled "Leave 'Em ALONE!!!"

Enjoy this week's update!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Summer Everyone!

Sorry that I fell behind a bit on this blog. Here's all the info on the past two updates:


Two weeks ago, we posted "Feetle Bailey", which was a request by a member. He had a thing for those comic strips that would show Sarge manhandling poor Beetle into a mangled pile of limbs, and wanted to see a more realistic depiction of that (especially because one of Beetle's bare feet always seemed to be sticking up in those scenes).

Also, Wez provided his stunning second piece, "Jason and the Laughonauts" in which the hunky lead character of that story is bound and licked-tickled by the dreaded Hydra.


This week I provided a new home page image for Summer 08 that shows a classic beach burial tickle torture scenario. This was also a request by a member that came in a long time ago, and I've been saving it up for this seasonal free piece for everyone.

Also, Mr. Zikkon provides page 4 of his continuing tickle serial "The Adventures of Major Power and Private Thawtz". As the heroes grow closer, is Thawtz developing an unhealthy attraction to the tickle torture methods of "The Spook"? Meanwhile, poor Captain Awesome lies helpless in the clutches of Dr. Zyborg and his tickle feather glove. Tune in next time...


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Blame it on the Beach...

Sorry to disappoint everyone, but this week's update will be coming Tuesday evening instead of the usual Monday morning. I spent a week at Ocean City NJ and found it a bit difficult to work on tickle fetish drawings while hanging out with family members. I do need to do a blog posting about both the joys and the difficulties of being a rabid foot fetishist in a summer beach town...

Coming on Tuesday: a piece from me and our new guy Wez. The following week we'll be updating out home page with a brand new image for Summer 2008!

See you on Tuesday,


Monday, June 9, 2008


I'm really excited to present our latest talented illustrator, Wez. I've been doing a little scouting around for new artists, and I stumbled upon this young man's portfolio. I thought his work not only had a wonderful expressive style, but that he also had a knack for storytelling and a great sense of humor. I think we're all going to love the work he has in store for us.

His very first piece is titled "Set Rays for Tickle!", and depicts a hunky astronaut in the clutches of some evil aliens who are either torturing him for information...or just for the heck of it.


Also this week, Sloth answers yet another reader's request, this time for a drawing of a poor, unsuspecting young jock who stumbles upon the wrong Leprechaun's gold in "Unlucky Charms".

I hope everyone enjoys this week's update, and let me know how you like our new addition!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Last of Franco...For Now

This week we've posted 5 more Franco images, which leads us to just about the end of his work that involves bondage and tickle/milking torture. There's a considerable amount of spanking material in his archive, but I don't want to stray too far away from tickling for this site.

There is the possibility that down the road Franco will produce more work exclusively for us that will be much more tickling oriented. I look forward to that day, because he draws some amazing looking bare feet and incredibly expressive faces. I want to thank Franco for allowing us to share his work with you here on AchillesHeelArt.

Also this week, Nomar provides us with "Quick Dip" in which an unfortunate diver is at the mercy of a creepy underwater tickler that is targeting his back and his bare feet!


Next week we may be debuting our 6th contributing artist in the member's galleries. He's working on material right now, and I'm really excited to show you his stuff!

See you next week,


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Folsom Entertainment

This week I'm getting to one of the first requests that came in when we launched the site. I'm not sure why this took me so long to get to, but I think I really wanted to do this piece justice. A member wanted to see COLT model Carlo Masi tickled at the outdoor Folsom Street Fair. This piece presented not only the challenge of a celebrity likeness, but multiple ticklers each with their own personality. I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out, and I was already e-mailed by the member who requested it, and he loved it. I hope you do too.

Also, we've added 5 more pieces to Franco's gallery, this time almost all of them dealing with torturous, slow, teasing edging. Franco is truly the master at keeping us all on edge with his illustrations.


Enjoy this week's update! More requested images to come next week!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

T-I-C-K-L-E! What's that spell?

This week Sloth answers a request from a certain belly-button fiend who had the desire to see one of those hunky male cheerleader types getting tickled at the worst possible moment. You navel lovers will really want to see "Gimmie a T!"

Also, coming early Tuesday morning, Nomar provides a never-ending continuous animated loop of a man riding a cushion of tickling in "Happy Air".




Monday, May 19, 2008

My Time in Liberty City

So far, the only purpose this blog has served has been to notify everyone of the current tickling artwork updates. I'm a fan of many things besides tickling, and from now on I'll be posting about some of the other interests that occupy my time.

It's obvious from several of the pieces in my gallery that I'm a videogamer. I have been since I was seven years old and got my first home system for Christmas, the Atari 2600. I've followed the evolution of gaming ever since, always leaning towards games that focused on exploration and adventure. Most recently I've stepped into the shoes of Nico Bellic, the tough yet oddly sexy immigrant protagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Grand Theft Auto franchise may be one of the most controversial ones in all of gaming, because of its over-the-top violence and game structure that often has you working your way up the ladder in an organized crime ring. What critics of the series fail to realize is that the real star of the games has never been the hard luck anti-heroes that you play, but the cities themselves.

When Grant Theft Auto III was first released in 2001, it revolutionized the industry with a new format that would come to be called a "sandbox" style of play. It didn't take long once you began exploring Liberty City to realize that none of its details were unattainably in the background. If you could see a building in the distance, you could get to it. The city had neighborhoods and back alleys that were in no way random, but formed distinctive neighborhoods that you needed to learn well in order to progress through the game.

With the advent of the new powerful processors of the Playstation 3 and the XBox360, Rockstar Games has created a new Liberty City, this time much more than loosely based on the real life Big Apple. The scale and level of detail that the artists at Rockstar have achieved is breathtaking.


I've spent a decent amount of time in New York City, and can attest to the authenticity of the feeling of each of the neighborhoods created in the game. Not only do you explore the island of Manhattan and its landmarks, but there are sections of Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and New Jersey along with all the famous bridges and tunnels that lead to them.

The game begins in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn, and the details here are stunningly accurate. One moment in particular stood out for me: in an early mission, you are sent to ride the subway for the first time. The station near the beach is a spot-on recreation of the wide-ramped Coney Island stop and, since I've been to the real one, I experienced an odd sense of deja-vu the moment I entered it.


The story is typical GTA fare: an immigrant with an agenda of revenge travels to Liberty City to live with his cab driving cousin, who has grossly exaggerated his status with tales of mansions and money. Despite Nico needing to commit crime after crime to survive, he manages to remain a sympathetic and likable character, as more of his past is gradually revealed.

The trademark twisted humor of the GTA universe is intact here, this time accessible not only through the car radio stations, but also through an insanely deep in-game internet and laugh-out-loud television programming that you can watch in your safehouses. The humor occasionally veers into the juvenile, such as with the depiction of a horribly stereotypical gay character who appears late in the game.

A new addition to the series are the relationships you must cultivate, both with women you date and friends you meet along the way. Nico spends just as much time taking his friends out for drinks, bowling, pool and even a comedy club as he does gunning and running. It's a great way to flesh out every character in the game, as all your interactions with them prompt hours of conversations.


I'm near the end of Nico's journey, but I still find myself occasionally stopping a car and getting out to gawk at some beautiful scenery or skyscraper I hadn't noticed before; a tourist in an utterly captivating virtual world.