Monday, July 21, 2008

AHA at the Movies

Hey Everyone,

This week we bring you two pieces from the silver screen. Sloth's piece is especially 'Goonie', as it depicts that other famous Sloth at the mercy of his two brothers in "The Other Sloth".

My piece is titled "Why So Serious?", and it's pretty obviously a tribute to the most recent Batman film. I saw it this weekend, and was completely blown away.

Everything you've read about the late Heath Ledger's performance is true. He completely disappeared into the role of the Joker, and made him a force of nature. He's not a villain interested in fame or fortune, only in spreading terror and chaos. It's truly the definitive performance of the character.

My take on the movie is a bit more light-hearted, of course. And who among us wouldn't love to pull the boots off of Christian Bale?


See you next week, when we'll be getting back to some requested images.


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