Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm Obsessed

Now and then a singer comes along that I completely obsess over.  The latest is Sia Furler, from Australia.  A lot of people know her as the "Breathe Me" girl from the final scenes of the show Six Feet Under.  I had pegged her as the wispy, depressed girl from that song.  I never knew she had such a powerhouse voice until I discovered this KCRW set from a few years ago.  She just kills it in every song.  Her in between banter is hysterical, too.  She seems to be a bit of a whack job.  There are 8 songs total in the set so, if you enjoy these, look up the rest from the same user on youtube.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Too Far Behind!

A loyal member pointed out that I was woefully behind on updating everyone on our latest artwork.  I hadn't realized I'd fallen so far behind!  Enjoy the details of the latest in evil tickle torture art!

First up, BearoticArt wants his mummy!  His mummified ticklish victim, that is.  With the way this poor man is bound, there's "No Escape" from the feather that teases and teases...  Also, Cheshire Cat visits anime land for a piece that we could only call "Dragonballz".  I think the scenario is probably self-explanatory.
Next up, Wez just had to revisit the sewers for another Turtles piece.  After all, there were several TMNT movies, why not several tickle drawings as well?  This time, a poor ticklish turtle is at the mercy of some of their most notorious villains in "Tickled Mutant Ninja Turtles Too".  Also, Mr. Zikkon is reaching the end of his latest tale as the notorious "Witchfinder General"  Hopkins faces the punishment for his crimes against ticklish young men.  He's brought to the scenes of his deeds, and tormented by his former captives.
Next, Blithwulf takes us into the machine, where everything is made of glowing circuitry...including tickle torture devices.  Maybe "The Tickle Grid" is powered by laughter?  Also, BearoticArt visits a dark bedroom, where a weaker young man is overpowered by a muscled, cigar smoking brute and tickled into total submission.  He's truly "Beyond Help".
Next up, we're pleased to announce a brand new addition to the AHA family: Blue Bully!  I know you're going to love her style and her depictions of big-footed ticklish men.  Her very first piece for us is of a man who clearly needed a good laugh.  He's bound by his "arch" nemesis and feather tickled between his big toes in "Tickle Punished".  On a similar superhero theme, Sloth gives us another member of the "Legion of Evil Ticklers".  This time it's the evil clown Chuckles.  As if clowns weren't scary enough, this one with tickle death!
And finally, Cheshire Cat takes us into a familiar fantasy realm, where a couple of Orcs have a small, hairy-footed fellow lashed to some trees so they can have a little fun with those furry toes.  They've got him in total "Halfling Hilarity.  Next, Blithwulf does a piece involving a ticklish torso, where a handsome man is at the mercy of many poking and prodding fingers while lashed to a T frame.  If he was "A Little Cross", he isn't anymore.
Whew!  I really WAS behind!  I'll be sure not to let this happen again.  As always,  you can find the full drawings in the members section of!



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