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Saturday, December 25, 2010

TILF-Jacob Black

What would Christmas morning be without a toy?  So, here's my latest TILF to celebrate:  Jacob Black.
It's now officially legal to find Taylor Lautner sexy, isn't it?  Regardless, this toy was so overtly over-the-top homoerotic that I had to pick it up.
The likeness of Mr. Lautner is decent, but not perfect.  It doesn't quite capture his odd nose.  But, let's face it, you're not buying this figure to stare at his face.
You're buying it to ogle at his insanely perfect abs.  This is most likely also the reason you decided to sit through the dreadful Twilight movies.
This isn't so much a toy as a statue.  He pretty much only moves at the shoulders and neck.  They didn't want any joints or seams getting in the way of those rippling muscles.  However, because of what appears to be a minor scale issue between the upper and lower body, he's got a slight "muffin top".
For the boot guys, Jacob is sporting a pair of manly workboots.  
And finally, he also has the rather intricate shoulder tattoo of his werewolf clan.  This is one TILF that is bound to get you Twi-Hard.  


Hey everyone!  I hope you're all having a great holiday season.  Here is the latest news about our last 3 updates to AchillesHeelArt!

First up, Sloth gave us yet another member of his evil supervillain team The League of Evil Ticklers, "Toolbox".   This master of weapons and technology invented a suit capable of finding your ticklish spot, wherever it may be.  He's got 100 ways to make you squirm...   Also this week, Nomar drew some poor victim of some bizarre medical experiment.  Strapped to a table, he's poked and prodded by various instruments, all to find out if he's "Scienticklish".
Next, it was Saturday morning cartoon week when Wez and Cheshire Cat both decided to revisit classic characters from their youth.  First, Wez has Raphael (or is that "Laughael") separated from his shelled brothers and at the mercy of the evil gangster Don Turtelli.  This purple-suited villain has turned poor Raphael into one "Tickled Mutant Ninja Turtle".  Then, Cheshire Cat has that lovable stoner Shaggy held fast by a tar monster and tickle tortured on his long toes by a ghost clown.  This is the last time this "Meddling Kid" will get in their way!
Finally, in our special all-Santa holiday update:  Blithwulf brings us to the North Pole, where things have gone horribly awry in the workshop.  Santa's troop of toy painting robots have either malfunctioned or revolted, and are now using their brushes to tickle the feet of Saint Nick and his team of elves in a "Toyshop Takeover"!  Next, it "Twas the Morning After Christmas" and Sloth brings us the scene of Santa asleep on his couch, exhausted from his work the night before.  He's overslept, and his mischievous elves know just the way to rouse ol' Santa.
And, as we do every holiday season, our home page was updated with a brand new cover image.  I hope you enjoy "Making a List" as much as I had fun drawing it.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Tickling is STRONG with this one...

My buddy Jason has been producing some very hot tickling scenes since opening his website JasonStrongTickling earlier this year. His site is well worth checking out.
Jason is a skilled tickler who knows how to really get his victims laughing and begging.
One of the things I like best about his site is the variety of guys he gets into his tickling lair.  No matter what your type of guy, you're sure to find someone here to like.
He's an equal opportunity tickler in other regards, too.  He loves to tickle feet, pits, sides, bellies...you name it.
He also does some fantasy scenarios that are goofy and fun.  He's been "Edward Featherhands" and an evil hypnotic tickling vampire, "Count Tickula".

So, if you're looking for some hot and sexy tickling scenes, check out JasonStrongTickling today!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Can Relate...

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Animated Laughter

Here are the details on the updates to AchillesHeelArt over the last 3 weeks, including two animations!

First, Wez gives us another "Solid" piece featuring a certain special ops solider.  In his animated gif "Tickled Solid", Snake tries desperately to resist Ocelot's torture machine, but its electricity has an unexpectedly ticklish effect.  Poor Meryl...  Also, Cheshire Cat does a self portrait of his animated anthro self being subjected to a merciless, multi-armed tickling machine.  Tears stream down his furry face as he's "Tickled Purple"!
Next, I take us to the Final Frontier.  Poor Jean-Luc is at the mercy of a Cardassian torturer, trying to break his will.  It turns out the key to making Picard admit he sees 5 lights instead of 4 is his very ticklish upper body. Also, Blithwulf returns with a Thanksgiving holiday treat: 4 ticklish pilgrim feet, locked tight in stocks.  It's a veritable cornucopia of laughter!  I know I'm thankful for this piece.
Finally, I bring up the "rear" with an animated gif I know you can get "behind".  This handsome young lad is bent into a rather vulnerable position, as his sensitive nether regions are slowly stroked by a mechanical arm holding a feather.  He's definitely "Cracking Up".  Also, Mr. Zikkon takes us to the trial of the now exposed fraud Witchfinder General Hopkins.  His former victims take the stand and recount their torment at his hand in excruciatingly ticklish detail.
As always, you can see the whole drawings in the member's section of AchillesHeelArt.com!