Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Animated Laughter

Here are the details on the updates to AchillesHeelArt over the last 3 weeks, including two animations!

First, Wez gives us another "Solid" piece featuring a certain special ops solider.  In his animated gif "Tickled Solid", Snake tries desperately to resist Ocelot's torture machine, but its electricity has an unexpectedly ticklish effect.  Poor Meryl...  Also, Cheshire Cat does a self portrait of his animated anthro self being subjected to a merciless, multi-armed tickling machine.  Tears stream down his furry face as he's "Tickled Purple"!
Next, I take us to the Final Frontier.  Poor Jean-Luc is at the mercy of a Cardassian torturer, trying to break his will.  It turns out the key to making Picard admit he sees 5 lights instead of 4 is his very ticklish upper body. Also, Blithwulf returns with a Thanksgiving holiday treat: 4 ticklish pilgrim feet, locked tight in stocks.  It's a veritable cornucopia of laughter!  I know I'm thankful for this piece.
Finally, I bring up the "rear" with an animated gif I know you can get "behind".  This handsome young lad is bent into a rather vulnerable position, as his sensitive nether regions are slowly stroked by a mechanical arm holding a feather.  He's definitely "Cracking Up".  Also, Mr. Zikkon takes us to the trial of the now exposed fraud Witchfinder General Hopkins.  His former victims take the stand and recount their torment at his hand in excruciatingly ticklish detail.
As always, you can see the whole drawings in the member's section of!


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