Saturday, December 25, 2010

TILF-Jacob Black

What would Christmas morning be without a toy?  So, here's my latest TILF to celebrate:  Jacob Black.
It's now officially legal to find Taylor Lautner sexy, isn't it?  Regardless, this toy was so overtly over-the-top homoerotic that I had to pick it up.
The likeness of Mr. Lautner is decent, but not perfect.  It doesn't quite capture his odd nose.  But, let's face it, you're not buying this figure to stare at his face.
You're buying it to ogle at his insanely perfect abs.  This is most likely also the reason you decided to sit through the dreadful Twilight movies.
This isn't so much a toy as a statue.  He pretty much only moves at the shoulders and neck.  They didn't want any joints or seams getting in the way of those rippling muscles.  However, because of what appears to be a minor scale issue between the upper and lower body, he's got a slight "muffin top".
For the boot guys, Jacob is sporting a pair of manly workboots.  
And finally, he also has the rather intricate shoulder tattoo of his werewolf clan.  This is one TILF that is bound to get you Twi-Hard.  

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