Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Products at the Shop!

The recently activity at my CafePress Store (and a tip from my buddy TikibarTickler) made me aware that there were some new products available. I added a bunch today:

How about a thong to let that special someone know just how ticklish you are?

Or a beach bag with an actual beach burial tickling scene on it!

Perhaps a designer messenger bag for those ultra-hip ticklers:

A water bottle for when you're rehydrating after a severe tickling, or a ceramic coffee container for getting caffeine-d up to dish some out?

Not only did I add a few new designs, I also went in and reduced the prices of just about everything in the store!

So, be sure to stop by the AchillesHeelArt CafePress Store soon! Once again, all proceeds from the sales go back into the site to commission more artwork!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

My First Customer! (Sort of)

My good pal over in Germany who goes by the nickname "Ticklegiant" was the first AchillesHeelArt member to purchase some of my products this week, which have been available at my CafePress Store since our main site opened. I never honestly expected a flood of orders from that store. After all, there aren't many places one can wear a t-shirt that designates you as a "TICKLER". Still, I expected at least a few orders, but these are the very first! Ticklegiant was kind enough to model the four (!) shirts he bought from me. Check him out!

Apparently, he is a switcher, as he bought both the "Tickler" and "Ticklish" shirts. The best of both worlds!

He also bought my "Eye Chart" shirt, which is specially designed to lure in unsuspecting victims. The last 2 lines read: "Prepare to be tickled!" By the time they're close enough to read those, they're doomed.

The last shirt he purchased is just a collage of some of the best laughing faces I've drawn for the site. A bit more subtle than the others he got, but still gets the point across.

So, even if you don't want a t-shirt to advertise your predilection for tickling, maybe you need a mousepad? Drop by the AchillesHeelArt CafePress Store today. All of the proceeds go back into purchasing more artwork for the site, so everybody wins!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sheers and Giants

Hey everyone!

This week I answered the demand for more sheer sock drawings in a piece called "Sheer Torture". An abusive husband is set upon by two thugs hired by his wife and tickled until he agrees to grant her a divorce. Guess where he's ticklish?

Also this week, Sloth has done yet another giant drawing! There does seem to be a lot of crossover between macrophilia and tickling. This time it's the giant getting the treatment. Dozens of tiny men take on the task of ticklishly cleaning those giant feet in "It Takes a Village".

See you all next week!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Perfection, Thy Name is Jeff

One of my favorite guys on the net is Jeff from Str8Cam He's just the total package: handsome and masculine face, incredible body, and he's not shy about showing off those gorgeous feet.

Be sure to drop by Str8Cam today! Tell him Achilles sent you...


Happy Memorial Day!

Because of the holiday weekend, we'll be posting our update on Tuesday instead of Monday this week. In the meantime, enjoy an extra large blog update!


Total Worship


Two Tickle Beasts

Hey Everyone!

For our last update, Snake and Velly-Z both did illustrations of tickle monsters...

First, Velly gives us a sea creature that has a special way of weakening it's prey to coax it into its waiting jaws... Let's just say this piece is very testTICKular.

Next, Snake goes back into the realm of mythology with a GLADiator battle to the death...or at least tickled to death. I know you'll love "Conquest of the Minotaur".

See you all next week!


Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Last Two Updates

Hey Everyone!

This week we're posting three images to make up for last week's smaller posting of just one image.

Last week, Mr. Zikkon reached the pinnacle of his pervy potboiler when Major Power awakened helpless and in the clutches of the evil Dr. Zyborg. Will he crack under the merciless ministrations of this fiend? Then, Sloth gives us the roughhousing of some bandmates in a punk band in a piece he likes to call "Sid Ticklish".

This week, Wez gives us his very first animated gif in a wonderful piece that appeals to both the perv and the nerd in me. Poor Luke can't concentrate long enough to use the Force to get out of this dilemma. I know you're gonna love "Wampa Stompa". Also this week, I created a sequel of sorts to an older piece of mine. Those evil giants are at it again, tenderizing the meat of their victims in their favorite, devious way. Enjoy "Plaything of the Giants". Maybe next time, it'll be time for the giants to get a taste of their own medicine...

That's all until next week!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Not That He Needs the Endorsement...

My buddy Rich over at has been consistently providing us with the highest quality foot porn on the net for more than 5 years now. Week after week he gets amazingly hot guys to show off their soles and submit to some pretty evil tickle torture. Now and then one of his models comes along that just drives me crazy. Nelson is one of those guys, and we're treated to two different scenes with him this week.

Nelson is just the total package: beautiful, high-arched feet, amazing body, intense eyes...and the most incredible laugh.

What's so great about the scenario here is that in the other set of videos posted this week, Rich spends a good deal of time worshipping under the feet of the dominant Nelson. That's a hot scene by itself, but it's only the setup for what comes after.

In the special "VIP" section of MyFriendsFeet, members are treated to the tables turned on poor Nelson, as he's tickled silly by Rich. Nelson is one of those tough guys that tries hard to maintain his composure, but very quickly succumbs and lets out his sexy high-pitched laugh. His attempts at regaining the upper hand with Rich fall on deaf ears.

Simply because of the sheer amount of content on MyFriendsFeet, it's one of the absolute best bangs for your buck on the web. And let me say that the "VIP" membership is completely worth it. There are plenty of very hot tickling scenes available only in that section (including Nelson's scene from today). MyFriendsFeet updates twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Doesn't Nelson's look here just speak volumes?

Visit today!