Saturday, May 9, 2009

Not That He Needs the Endorsement...

My buddy Rich over at has been consistently providing us with the highest quality foot porn on the net for more than 5 years now. Week after week he gets amazingly hot guys to show off their soles and submit to some pretty evil tickle torture. Now and then one of his models comes along that just drives me crazy. Nelson is one of those guys, and we're treated to two different scenes with him this week.

Nelson is just the total package: beautiful, high-arched feet, amazing body, intense eyes...and the most incredible laugh.

What's so great about the scenario here is that in the other set of videos posted this week, Rich spends a good deal of time worshipping under the feet of the dominant Nelson. That's a hot scene by itself, but it's only the setup for what comes after.

In the special "VIP" section of MyFriendsFeet, members are treated to the tables turned on poor Nelson, as he's tickled silly by Rich. Nelson is one of those tough guys that tries hard to maintain his composure, but very quickly succumbs and lets out his sexy high-pitched laugh. His attempts at regaining the upper hand with Rich fall on deaf ears.

Simply because of the sheer amount of content on MyFriendsFeet, it's one of the absolute best bangs for your buck on the web. And let me say that the "VIP" membership is completely worth it. There are plenty of very hot tickling scenes available only in that section (including Nelson's scene from today). MyFriendsFeet updates twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Doesn't Nelson's look here just speak volumes?

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Tickleman said...

I agree with you. Nelson is one of my favorites as well. I think the chemistry between Nelson and Richard is amazing. I also feel that Nelson enjoys doing these videos. I'd love to see a cum control scene with him, but perhaps Nelson draws the line at nudity. Regardless, he should be in the ticklish hunk hall of fame.