Monday, April 27, 2009

Alien Week

Both Sloth and Snake came up with alien tickling scenarios this week, each with a very different flavor.

First, Snake goes back to the movies for inspiration with "Predatickle". Poor Ah-nald doesn't stand a chance against this alien's wicked hunter/tickler tools.

Sloth's alien scenario is the classic abduction scenario with little green men testing out the reflexes of a helpless and hunky farmhand in "Who Needs Anal Probes?" Who, indeed?

See you next week!


1 comment:

Blithwulf said...

As always, phenomenal work, guys! The detail and quality of the work I've been seeing at the site always seems to get better and better!

Granted, I do have a penchant for the bearish set (both giving and receiving), but I haven't seen any pieces from the current artists at the site that don't aim to please and hit the mark!