Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Door Closes

Well, this is our last update week, and it couldn't have come at a more dramatic time! I'm living in NYC, and I'm dealing with the fallout from Hurricane Sandy. I've been without power for days and still have no word as to when it will be back. I managed to find a friend with lights on, so I could get the word out about our last drawings in our 5-year run of tickle fun!

Last week, our all-star staff of artists did 4 amazing pieces for their very last submissions. First up, Cheshire Cat really tickles me. No, he REALLY tickles ME, along with some of his cast of original characters, as I finally get what's coming to me in "Farewell Achilles". Then, Sloth drew a special Halloween-themed piece for his final piece. Zombies are everywhere these days, but Sloth's zombies don't crave brains...they crave LAUGHS. Two hunky men attempt to escape from "The Night of the Tickling Dead" but one of them is doomed to be death!
On the Athena side, Azazello drew a killer of a piece as a group of whales turns on their handler with their raspy tongues and show her a "Whale of a Good Time" on her ticklish feet! Then, Darkharp delivered a true classic with one of the most beloved tickle victims of all time. She's at the mercy of that scoundrel Don Turtelli again...or IS she? She's blindfolded, so she can't see who is mercilessly tickling her toes with a feather this time in "April O'NO!"

This week, for our final update, I decided to do all the drawings myself. First up, I hit both the Halloween and Christmas holidays at the same time with a beloved classic. Jack wants to make sure that Christmas is merry, so he traps "Sandy Claws", pulls off his boots and tickles his feet with a feather to make sure there are lots of Ho Ho Hos this season. Then, I drew a special Halloween spooky homage to one of Patrick Fillion's Class Comics characters: Zahn. This sexy barbarian has been ambushed by the "Haunted Hands of Hilarity" who hold his limbs, tickle torture him all over and give him a Halloween happy ending!
Then, for my last Athena gallery drawings, I had a MARVELous time. First up, poor Peggy Carter is held prisoner by a certain red-faced Nazi commander who wants the secrets of the Super Soldier Serum. He uses the tesseract on the soles of her bare feet to extract the information in "Ve Haff Vays". Then, Giganta has had a beef with a certain green-skinned rival forever. She finally discovered a weakness in her enemy she can exploit, and she launches a swarm of tickling hands who titillate her to tears in "She-Hulk, Savaged".

Well, that's it, gang. It's been an amazing run, and I want to thank everyone who supported AchillesHeelArt. All of our hard work (600+ drawings!) will be archived in the VIP member's area of Also, I will continue this blog and will be doing the occasional new piece of tickling art now and then. Visit this blog often to find out what I'm up to.

Happy tickling to all!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bloody Ticklish always has great tickle torture scenes. Usually, the owner does the tickling, but lately he's been mixing it up and having some other guys act as the tickler. I always welcome a little variety in tickle tops, and this tattooed, slightly hairy young guy is quite sexy.

This sexy young man, Marky P, gets the dickens tickled out of him, all for our twisted amusement. CLICK HERE to visit Ladsfeet today!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Toes. Sexy Toes.

This pic leaves me shaken AND stirred. I'd Skyfall for him...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

MEATY Halloween Special!

I was contacted by the super sweet and crazy talented Patrick Fillion, and was invited to take part in Class Comic's MEATY Halloween special this year! It's an all-star jam of erotic artists, all doing special themed drawings.
The only rules for the submission were that the drawing had to use one of the characters from Patrick's Class Comics, and that there had to be a Halloween theme.
They got so many submissions, they had to split the special into two editions!  A "Trick" edition and a "Treat" edition. I'm in the "Trick" one.
For my piece, I chose their character "Zahn", who runs around with one bare foot and feathers on his costume. Perfect for me! I decided my Halloween theme would involve Zahn being attacked by a swarm of haunted tickling hands, who also give him a happy ending.
So CLICK HERE to pick up these great specials today! If you're interested in seeing my drawing, I'm in the "Trick" edition, but both digital comics are full of great stuff and worth picking up!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Countdown Continues

Only 2 weeks until the end! Here's the info on the tickling updates from the first 2 weeks of October:

First up, I was mistaken in calling Blithwulf's last M/M piece his final one. He rounds off his M/M collection with an incredible masterpiece in which a sexy bear is gang tickled by a ruthless pack of hunky men into confessing. To what? Who cares?  The fun is in the torture to extract "A Laughable Confession". Then, Azazello drew a sexy wrestling match in which two muscular masked men go at it. One of them decides to cheat to win, and executes a "Forbidden Hold" tickling the soles of his opponent's feet!
On the Athena side, Footpaws drew a Dalmatian in the clutches of an evil lizard girl who utilizes all of her limbs to tickle both his paws and his pits at the same time. She's hitting all of his "Ticklish Spots". Then in "Witchy Koo", CheshireCat drew a special Halloween-themed piece with a witch who gives herself willingly to a demon in exchange for a boost to her magical powers. Too bad she didn't know this particular demon had an evil tickle fetish.

This week, Azazello drew the god Atlas, who is desperately trying to do his job of holding up the heavens. Mischievous Pan has other ideas, as he scales the muscular god's body, grasping and tickling his torso in "Atlas Hugged". Then, Footpaws drew a vulture sheriff, who decides to have a little fun with his jackal captive. He dishes out a little "Paw and Order" as his feathery fingers probe the sensitive pads of the poor prisoner's tied paws.
On the Athena side, BlueBully delivers her final piece for us. It could be argued that Ariel has a foot fetish: after all, she's obsessed with having them. And who better to draw her fascination with the sexy Eric's toes than our own BlueBully, another female with a tickle fetish for..."What Do You Call Them?"...Oh, FEET! Then, Blithwulf gives us his final piece: an elaborate contraption that is the secret behind all of those laugh tracks you hear in sitcoms. Someone has to create all that laughter, and this "Live Studio Audience" of bound females are mercilessly tickled by a bicycle-powered foot scrubbing machine and recorded at the same time!

We only have 2 more weekly updates left! Our last art will be posted on October 31st!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Craving a Twinkie?

I'm a big fan of older, bigger guys, but every now and then it's fun to watch a young thin cutie get the tickle torture treatment.  Over at MaleFeet4U, they have a seemingly never-ending stream of ticklish guys who are made to laugh for our pleasure.

And, even if tickling isn't your thing, they still offer a ton of photo sets where guys just show off their sexy toes and soles.

So, CLICK HERE to check out MaleFeet4U and take a look at what they have to offer!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Muscle Pits

Those muscles won't help them if they're ticklish...

Friday, October 5, 2012

Why I Love CapturedGuys

Just look at those feet, those pits and that grin. Who wouldn't tickle the heck out of him? Check lots of guys like him, tied and helpless at CapturedGuys.  This particular sexy fellow won't be on the site until March 2013.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stocked Feet Tickled

We're now just 4 more updates away from the end!  Lucky for you guys, October has 5 Wednesdays this month!

First up Blithwulf does his last M/M piece for us, and he's illustrated his most favorite of all subjects: a burly, hairy man with his big, ticklish feet in wooden stocks. This poor fellow ran up too high of a bar tab, so the bar owner takes it out of his hide by charging the other patrons to tickle torture his feet! This is one wild "Laughter Hours Party". Then, CheshireCat drew two of his favorite original characters. The feline Tucker has his reptilian lover Rene in another torturous pleasure predicament. His arms are bound overhead, and his scaly pits are gently tickled as Tucker holds him in "Another Lover's Embrace".
On the Athena side, Footpaws drew a poor female kitty wrapped up in restrictive mummification bondage, with only her sensitive paws sticking out of the end.  With such defenseless, ticklish targets in plain view, someone is "Bound to Tickle" them...and they do.  Azazello brings us the plight of an explorer who is overtaken by a strong native girl, hogtied and foot tickled. She's fascinated by this tenderfoot, and his reactions to such light touches. Truly, "The Natives are Restless"...and relentless!

That's all for this week!  4 weeks left!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

LAST CALL at AchillesHeelArt

Just a reminder, today is the last day to order a 30 day membership before we close at the end of the month, on October 31st 2012.  After today, our billing system will be gone, but we will continue to update for the last 4 weeks of this month.

When we're finished on the 31st, our member's only section will have more than 600 tickling drawings! So, $17.00 gets you access to all of them today.  That's about 3 cents apiece! Not a bad deal.

I also want to remind everyone that this blog will continue, and that I will continue to use it to post male foot and tickling pics from my collection, reviews of other sites and much more.  If and when I do more tickling illustrations in the future for other sites or as private commissions, I'll post info and previews of them here.

It's been a wild 5 years, and once again I'd like to thank anyone who ever joined and supported our work! I wish I could keep the site going forever, but I need to push my career in another direction.

Keep Laughing,