Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back From the Beach!

I was away for awhile, so my blogging duties were neglected.  I was way too distracted by all the cute guys in flip flops at the Jersey Shore.

Here's what's been going on for the past three weeks!

First up, Wez takes us to the deep Congo, where a hunky explorer is tied up and subjected to a little black magic...on his feet!  An evil witch doctor tickles him silly with "That Voodoo You Do".  Next, Sloth revisits a concept he created in an earlier piece: "The League of Evil Ticklers".  There are seven members of this team of tickling terror, and Sloth is going to do a piece showcasing each one.  In this week's drawing, "The Sadist" proves he's got no mercy for superheroes with ticklish feet.
Next up, our newest artist Cheshire Cat turns things up a notch with a very erotic piece.  A snake-like creature has poor Seth in a most compromising position.  He's caught between torment and pleasure as his feet are tickled while he's teased to erotic completion.  I know you'll love "Coils Well That Ends Well".  Seth certainly got a happy ending.  Also, Blithwulf takes us to a garage where you'd better make sure you pay your bill on time.  If you don't you might just find yourself tied to a car lift and tickled crazy by the sexy staff.  It'll be "More Fun Than a Barrel of Grease Monkeys".
Finally, Bearoticart visits a frat house, where we find a poor young pledge with very ticklish armpits starting the process of pledging.  Unfortunately for this very ticklish young man, this is only "Phase One".   Next, Mr. Zikkon delivers page 5 of the "Witchfinder General" saga.  It seems that Hopkins won't be getting away with tickling poor young men half to death for much longer.  The mad laughter that can be heard from his coach is beginning to make everyone suspicious...
That's all for now!  Tune in next week for a new drawing from yours truly.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Southern Gent: The Commander

Over at there's a favorite model of mine who always makes sure his foot fans are happy.  He's got some of the nicest feet I've ever seen.

This sexy daddy could "command" me to do just about anything.  Visit his page today for lots more.  :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

AWESOME Tickling at MaleFeet4U

William Higgins has been in the business for awhile, and he's always given fans of his sexy Czech models lots of exposure to their beautiful bare feet.  He's also thrown in tickling scenarios now and then.  Now he has an entire site called MaleFeet4U dedicated to just the soles and toes of his handsome young men, and he's begun to shoot brand new tickling videos.

I've seen both of the tickle scenes they've produced so far, and they're fantastic.  Both models get put into a variety of bondage positions, first with more room to struggle, but gradually getting more and more restricted.
The tickling begins teasing and gentle, then builds to become more intense.  They start with the feet, then move on to tickle the guy's whole body.  Both scenes have had multiple ticklers at the same time.
These guys don't speak English, but there is no doubt that through their helpless laughter they're begging the ticklers to "PLEASE STOP!".

Both scenes have ended with the ticklee getting one hand released so he can achieve a "release" of his own.  

I highly recommend these scenes and this site.  Visit MaleFeet4U today!  Best of all, you can sign up for their full membership and get all of their photo and video sets or, if you're only interested in the tickling, you can just choose to download the tickling videos alone!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Da Pits

I like Frank DeFeo better when he doesn't shave...his face OR body

CENA!  I love this one because the angle makes it look like a tickle. :)

I've got the biggest crush on Goldberg.  Wonder if he's ticklish...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some Minor But Important Changes to AchillesHeelArt

Hey everyone!

We'd received a few complaints that it wasn't always easy to figure out how to find the most recent weekly update to our site during any given week.  To correct that, we've created a "New This Week" box which can be found on both the home page and the member's area page.  Now the thumbnails for the two most recent drawings are prominently displayed, and are clickable directly to the gallery where the whole drawing can be found.

We've also added a counter right beneath the update box which shows the number of drawings available in the member's only area.  I'm proud to say that this week we've reached 291 drawings!  We're closing in on 300 pieces of sexy male tickling art.  We couldn't have done it without you.

Now for the past 2 weeks worth of updates:

Last week, I decided to do another animation.  Despite being labor intensive to produce, I have a lot of fun with these.  In this rather simple piece, a man is suspended by his ankles while lots of white feathers endlessly stroke his helpless, ticklish body and he sways back and forth, lost in laughter.  I call it "Suspended Animation".  Also last week, Mr. Zikkon continues his decidedly darker tale of ticklish torture with "Witchfinder General, Page 4".  Mr. Stern begins to suspect something is sinisterly awry with Hopkin's method of extracting confessions from his poor victims, especially when he stumbles upon...Tune in next time!

This week,  I'm proud to announce the latest member of the AchillesHeelArt team of artists, Cheshire Cat!  He is well known in the tickling art world, especially on DeviantArt.  He brings a wonderfully playful, colorful style to his drawings of various furry creatures and characters.  Welcome him aboard as you enjoy his piece "Ryuichi and Mikie" in which Mikie's footrub turns a bit tickly.  Also this week, I did a request for a very special member who has been a supporter of the site from the beginning.  He's got a thing for suits, sheers, and VERY erotic scenarios.  Members of a secret society of evil ticklers are giving some poor sheered-socked man "The Big Payback".  What is he guilty of?  Why are they tickling and edging him over and over?  Only their leader, kicked back and watching it unfold can say...

Hope you enjoy our drawings!