Wednesday, September 15, 2010

AWESOME Tickling at MaleFeet4U

William Higgins has been in the business for awhile, and he's always given fans of his sexy Czech models lots of exposure to their beautiful bare feet.  He's also thrown in tickling scenarios now and then.  Now he has an entire site called MaleFeet4U dedicated to just the soles and toes of his handsome young men, and he's begun to shoot brand new tickling videos.

I've seen both of the tickle scenes they've produced so far, and they're fantastic.  Both models get put into a variety of bondage positions, first with more room to struggle, but gradually getting more and more restricted.
The tickling begins teasing and gentle, then builds to become more intense.  They start with the feet, then move on to tickle the guy's whole body.  Both scenes have had multiple ticklers at the same time.
These guys don't speak English, but there is no doubt that through their helpless laughter they're begging the ticklers to "PLEASE STOP!".

Both scenes have ended with the ticklee getting one hand released so he can achieve a "release" of his own.  

I highly recommend these scenes and this site.  Visit MaleFeet4U today!  Best of all, you can sign up for their full membership and get all of their photo and video sets or, if you're only interested in the tickling, you can just choose to download the tickling videos alone!

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