Monday, December 31, 2012

My Favorite Clips: Tony & Rick

HEY! We're just ticklin' OVAH HEAH!

I originally started this blog category for tickling clips from the past that I wanted to highlight as classics, but I decided to write about this great pair of scenes I stumbled upon this weekend.

Tony and Rick are two straight, masculine guys who are featured over at the clip store of Alexis Rain. The store is mainly a straight fetish site, but this is the first time they've posted some M/M tickling...and it's fantastic.
Tony and Rick are clearly buddies who are very comfortable around each other and have a great rapport. They get into a little playful tickle contest over two clips, just testing each other's limits.
Rick tickles Tony's socked and bare feet first, but then moves on to his upper body, pulling up his shirt.
His strong, lightning quick fingers make short work of poor Tony's sensitive belly and armpits, driving Tony into fits of very cute high-pitched laughter.
Rick is clearly having a blast tickle torturing his buddy, and he's great at it.
In a follow-up clip, Tony gets a little revenge on Rick, especially on his sensitive big sexy feet. Rick doesn't seem so sure about this at first...
But too bad! soon he's lost in helpless laughter as Tony scribbles all over his big sole with his fingertips.
And how about between those toes, Rick? Ticklish there? I thought so...
Rick's shirt comes off for a little upper body torture of his own, and the result is devastating. I can't love this still from that scene enough. This is what tickling is all about. I'm not typically a fan of casual clips without bondage, but the guys are so cute and they're having so much fun that it's just infectious.

If I had any recommendations, it would be MORE PLEASE! I'd love to see these two do more tickling with a bit of light bondage, maybe foot stocks?  I'd also love to hear Rick taunting poor Tony with a little "tickle tickle tickle", just because I'm a sucker for that and I think he'd be really good at it.

So, CLICK HERE to find and download these clips today! You won't be disappointed if you like to see sexy straight guys laughing their heads off.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Girls are Icky...

but sometimes I draw them anyway. Especially when I'm commissioned to draw them getting tickled! My good buddy Sandrock74 asked me to take part in his annual "Jingle Gals" celebration, where he gives out free tickling art to his fans every holiday season. This year, his publishing company Black Feather Graphics got the rights to an old 1940s character "Black Cat", and he asked me to do the honors for her debut! He wanted a scene where she was being worked over by a few thugs in a warehouse.
So, if you've got a tickling fetish AND a thing for scantily clad superheroines, you should probably CLICK HERE and check out Sandrock's "Super G.A.L.S." today!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jack Frost Nipping at Your Toes

Isn't that how the song goes? Enjoy these feet and Happy Holidays to all!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Desperately Ticklish Asians

Mike over at LaughingAsians is one of the hardest working fellows in tickle porn. He's also one of my favorite ticklers, with a great style and a real knack for "tickle talk".
Mike's evil glee is apparently in every video in which he's the tickler, and he's a joy to watch in action.
His partner Ricky, once Mike's frequent victim, has now learned from his master and is a devilishly effective tickler himself.
They mix things up with various bondage positions, equipment and fantasy scenarios! Gotta love a good "rolled in a carpet" scene.
I love me some feather tickling. This scene is incredibly hot.
They also set up scenarios where the cute young Asian guys they work with tickle each other! Gang tickling and revenge tickle scenes are common on this site!
So, if you like smooth young ticklish Asian guys being driven to total hysterics via merciless tickle torture, CLICK HERE to visit Laughing Asians today!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Horror...

...of eternal neck tickles!
God, I love animated tickling gifs. Watch CatinHat tickle Parker silly HERE at MyFriends Feet! Coochie coochie coo!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Scruffy Cuties

I'm a sucker for a cute smile and a little scruff.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Toes Knows

So many soles, so little time to lick them.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kitchy Kitchy Kooooo

Someone's gonna get tickled!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vulnerable Pits

Ticklish, and sexy.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


I'm pleased to be one of the first to announce a new tickle torture site: Tickled Hard! They've kicked things off with a strong start, with one of my very favorite ticklers: Franco. He's the guy who had a great run as a tickle top on Foot Friends.

Franco is a skilled tickler who is somehow both friendly and merciless at the same time. Kind of like a kinky big brother. He really puts these ticklish guys through the wringer. They've started out with 4 guys, and will be adding a new scene every Friday.
The tickle victims start out in their underwear, but they get stripped nude by the end. After all, the site is called "Tickled Hard"...and I think the "hard" refers to more than just Franco's tickling style.
Doesn't this look just say, "Please sir...don't TICKLE me anymore!"

So, CLICK HERE to head on over to the new kids on the block, Tickled Hard! They deserve your support, so that they can lure many many more sexy and ticklish guys into their lair.