Sunday, December 9, 2012


I'm pleased to be one of the first to announce a new tickle torture site: Tickled Hard! They've kicked things off with a strong start, with one of my very favorite ticklers: Franco. He's the guy who had a great run as a tickle top on Foot Friends.

Franco is a skilled tickler who is somehow both friendly and merciless at the same time. Kind of like a kinky big brother. He really puts these ticklish guys through the wringer. They've started out with 4 guys, and will be adding a new scene every Friday.
The tickle victims start out in their underwear, but they get stripped nude by the end. After all, the site is called "Tickled Hard"...and I think the "hard" refers to more than just Franco's tickling style.
Doesn't this look just say, "Please sir...don't TICKLE me anymore!"

So, CLICK HERE to head on over to the new kids on the block, Tickled Hard! They deserve your support, so that they can lure many many more sexy and ticklish guys into their lair.

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Palanca Feet said...

That furry redhead from the last pic is so sexy!!! I wish I could boyfriend someone like him