Saturday, December 22, 2012

Desperately Ticklish Asians

Mike over at LaughingAsians is one of the hardest working fellows in tickle porn. He's also one of my favorite ticklers, with a great style and a real knack for "tickle talk".
Mike's evil glee is apparently in every video in which he's the tickler, and he's a joy to watch in action.
His partner Ricky, once Mike's frequent victim, has now learned from his master and is a devilishly effective tickler himself.
They mix things up with various bondage positions, equipment and fantasy scenarios! Gotta love a good "rolled in a carpet" scene.
I love me some feather tickling. This scene is incredibly hot.
They also set up scenarios where the cute young Asian guys they work with tickle each other! Gang tickling and revenge tickle scenes are common on this site!
So, if you like smooth young ticklish Asian guys being driven to total hysterics via merciless tickle torture, CLICK HERE to visit Laughing Asians today!

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