Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wuvably Ticklwish

This is the first drawing I've done after closing my site, and I did it just for fun. It felt nice to do a drawing just for me, without the pressures of getting it done on time, or pleasing anyone except me.
This drawing is based on the huge, hulking bear character created by Ed Luce: WUVABLE OAF. If you're into comics, and indie comics in particular, it's well-worth checking out. It's sexy, funny and charming...especially if you have an affinity for big hairy brutes.
 The Oaf is often depicted in scenes with his kitties, so I thought it was only appropriate that they were tickling him in my drawing.
So, here it is: my tribute to Ed and his wuvable character: "Wuvably Ticklwish". It was a challenge to take such a stylized character and do a slightly more realistic version of him. I'm thrilled to say, Mr. Luce himself saw this and gave it a big thumbs up!
So, be sure to visit Ed's own site by CLICKING HERE. His work is a lot of fun, and deserves a huge audience.

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Palanca Feet said...

Thanks for sharing. I think I've seen his work on a compilation art book, and you just made a fabulous tribute as always!