Monday, December 31, 2012

My Favorite Clips: Tony & Rick

HEY! We're just ticklin' OVAH HEAH!

I originally started this blog category for tickling clips from the past that I wanted to highlight as classics, but I decided to write about this great pair of scenes I stumbled upon this weekend.

Tony and Rick are two straight, masculine guys who are featured over at the clip store of Alexis Rain. The store is mainly a straight fetish site, but this is the first time they've posted some M/M tickling...and it's fantastic.
Tony and Rick are clearly buddies who are very comfortable around each other and have a great rapport. They get into a little playful tickle contest over two clips, just testing each other's limits.
Rick tickles Tony's socked and bare feet first, but then moves on to his upper body, pulling up his shirt.
His strong, lightning quick fingers make short work of poor Tony's sensitive belly and armpits, driving Tony into fits of very cute high-pitched laughter.
Rick is clearly having a blast tickle torturing his buddy, and he's great at it.
In a follow-up clip, Tony gets a little revenge on Rick, especially on his sensitive big sexy feet. Rick doesn't seem so sure about this at first...
But too bad! soon he's lost in helpless laughter as Tony scribbles all over his big sole with his fingertips.
And how about between those toes, Rick? Ticklish there? I thought so...
Rick's shirt comes off for a little upper body torture of his own, and the result is devastating. I can't love this still from that scene enough. This is what tickling is all about. I'm not typically a fan of casual clips without bondage, but the guys are so cute and they're having so much fun that it's just infectious.

If I had any recommendations, it would be MORE PLEASE! I'd love to see these two do more tickling with a bit of light bondage, maybe foot stocks?  I'd also love to hear Rick taunting poor Tony with a little "tickle tickle tickle", just because I'm a sucker for that and I think he'd be really good at it.

So, CLICK HERE to find and download these clips today! You won't be disappointed if you like to see sexy straight guys laughing their heads off.

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alexis rain said...

Hey my luvs
Alexis Rain here. I hope everyone is enjoying the clips. I'm looking forward to shooting more. Suggestions or if you are interested in a custom email me at Rumor has it, Rick might return for some tickle torture with Tony in a few days :)

Thank you Achilles xo