Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Favorite Clips: Part 1-Garad

I thought I'd add a new blog category to include a look back at some of the tickling clips that I return to over and over because they're just so good.

Garad was a very early tickle victim over at FootFriends, and he's still one of the best. He's tickled by tickle expert Alan Pratt, who starts the scene with a deliciously sexy tease. His wiggling fingers slowly approach Garad's vulnerable armpit...
Armpit ticklers in particular will love this clip. Every now and then you watch a clip where you can tell the ticklee had no idea what he was going to be in for. This is one of those scenes. Garad's laugh when he's tickled under his arms quickly becomes desperate, and he starts to beg for Alan to stop.
The action then moves onto his sexy feet, where he's locked into ankle stocks briefly tickled in white socks. He's even ticklish through those.
The socks are soon stripped off, revealing a very sexy pair of feet. Garad is just as ticklish on the soles of his feet as he was on his upper body.
Alan's long, nimble fingers attack Garad's toes without mercy. He really is an incredible tickler.
Towards the end of the scene, a second tickler joins in and Garad is given a grand, double-teamed finale. This poor guy was really put through the wringer.
At the end, he gives a brief interview about the experience, and props up his amazing sole for all of us to drool over and fantasize about. What a cutie.
While FootFriends doesn't produce a ton of new tickling content these days, they do have a treasure trove of classic videos well worth checking out. CLICK HERE to check out this incredibly sexy scene.

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