Monday, September 24, 2007

Bear Feet

While I enjoy all types of men, I must admit a bit of a fondness for the bears. Stocky, hairy men tend to have wide, thick sexy feet. My piece this week is appropriately titled 'Bear Trap' and it depicts the cruel fate of a bear caught in the woods, while two of his buddies look on in horror. I already have the sequel to this piece in mind, in which the three bears take revenge on the Forest Ranger.

Sloth's piece this week shows two cops who definitely cross the line in their interrogation room. This drawing is actually very similar to request we received a few weeks ago, asking for a prisoner tickled in his jail cell. This piece was completed before that request came in, so that one is still on the way.

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Getting back to the subject of bears, we received a request this week for an illustration of John Goodman and his huge bare feet getting tickled while he sleeps. That's one I'm looking forward to ;)

Keep an eye on this blog in the coming weeks. I may be posting more often than just once a week, and will begin writing about more than just the current updates.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Early Sketches

Today's update includes the first time we're posting an early sketch of a drawing. Sloth began last week's Orc piece with a completely different perspective, but he decided to abandon it and start from scratch. We thought you might want to see his early thoughts about the gang of tickling Orcs. Because it's not a finished piece, we're posting it in the free section.

Also in our free section is the picture I made for all my MySpace friends to thank them for adding me to their buddy lists.

My member's piece this week is one of my favorites so far. It doesn't exactly depict tickling against someone's will, but rather for the pure enjoyment of it. A weary king calls his loyal jester into his court for a few laughs...

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I hope you enjoy this weeks updates! We're busy working on some of the requests we received when we first opened.

Stay tuned!


Monday, September 10, 2007

Greetings from the Beach!

Hey everyone!

I'm on vacation this week, but I'm still checking in for your requests and continuing with the weekly updates. The weather is great, and there's plenty of footwatching ;)

This week we've got our very first adult content piece from Sloth, involving some rather kinky Orcs. Fans of fantasy creatures should really check that one out. Also my piece is the first drawing of a Mexican wrestler character, who may make more appearances in the future.

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The requests are really starting to roll in. Here are just a few of the ones we've received over the past week:

-A very hairy Italian man tickled on his muscular but very ticklish feet by a smooth blonde man.

-A Carlo Masi type locked into stocks and offered up to passersby for $50 per tickle.

-Cops tickle interrogating a prisoner in his cell.

-Tickling as a modern art installation...this one was great, and to describe it too much would ruin the effect. ;)

-A blacksmith, tickled in a dungeon by a king.

-A casting couch scenario, with a casting director tickling the eager actors.

These are all wonderful suggestions, and they've given us tons of material for the near future. I will remind everyone that for the next few updates, we're still pulling images from the head start we gave ourselves before we launched.

One thing I want to point out is that not too many members (or non-members) are taking advantage of our free gallery section. We have a Photopost feature in our free section that allows artists to post their own tickling artwork in a gallery that they create for themselves. I hope more people take advantage of that section soon.

Have fun!


Monday, September 3, 2007

Our Very First Update. Happy Labor Day!

We're proud to present the very first update of the site since we opened last week. Below is a glimpse of what can be found in our member's section today:

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As you can see, my drawing this week features a Chinese dragon which leads me to a request: can anyone out there read Chinese characters? I did some research for this particular drawing and included two characters which I believe represent the words "dragon" and "tickle". However, I could be completely off base.

We've gotten in some great requests this week, including the following:

-Anderson Cooper tickled by a disgruntled intern.

-A mafia interrogation scene involving sheer dress socks.

-An overpowered security guard tickled for information, also in dress socks.

-Two very elaborately described scenes from our very first fan to request artwork, Jay. They're too long to get into here, but they're good ones!

Concerning requests: We gave ourselves a bit of a head start with our artwork, so we would always be a couple of weeks ahead of the demand. That means that requests won't start showing up for a couple more updates. Stay tuned!

I'd like to thank every single member for joining. We couldn't do it without you!