Monday, September 24, 2007

Bear Feet

While I enjoy all types of men, I must admit a bit of a fondness for the bears. Stocky, hairy men tend to have wide, thick sexy feet. My piece this week is appropriately titled 'Bear Trap' and it depicts the cruel fate of a bear caught in the woods, while two of his buddies look on in horror. I already have the sequel to this piece in mind, in which the three bears take revenge on the Forest Ranger.

Sloth's piece this week shows two cops who definitely cross the line in their interrogation room. This drawing is actually very similar to request we received a few weeks ago, asking for a prisoner tickled in his jail cell. This piece was completed before that request came in, so that one is still on the way.

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Getting back to the subject of bears, we received a request this week for an illustration of John Goodman and his huge bare feet getting tickled while he sleeps. That's one I'm looking forward to ;)

Keep an eye on this blog in the coming weeks. I may be posting more often than just once a week, and will begin writing about more than just the current updates.


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