Monday, September 3, 2007

Our Very First Update. Happy Labor Day!

We're proud to present the very first update of the site since we opened last week. Below is a glimpse of what can be found in our member's section today:

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As you can see, my drawing this week features a Chinese dragon which leads me to a request: can anyone out there read Chinese characters? I did some research for this particular drawing and included two characters which I believe represent the words "dragon" and "tickle". However, I could be completely off base.

We've gotten in some great requests this week, including the following:

-Anderson Cooper tickled by a disgruntled intern.

-A mafia interrogation scene involving sheer dress socks.

-An overpowered security guard tickled for information, also in dress socks.

-Two very elaborately described scenes from our very first fan to request artwork, Jay. They're too long to get into here, but they're good ones!

Concerning requests: We gave ourselves a bit of a head start with our artwork, so we would always be a couple of weeks ahead of the demand. That means that requests won't start showing up for a couple more updates. Stay tuned!

I'd like to thank every single member for joining. We couldn't do it without you!



Anonymous said...

And the first update does NOT disappoint. Excellent work, Achilles and Sloth!

(I'm sure there are plenty of UPS fetishists out there that are turning cartwheels. ;) )

PJ Lown said...

Anderson Cooper would be a HOT addition... don't suppose you'll get him to pose for it... ;-)