Monday, April 28, 2008

Welcome Franco!

Hey Everyone,

This week we're debuting a gallery by Franco, who has long been known as a master of artwork of spanking and milking. I was always extra excited by his pieces that included tickle torture, usually depicting a feather being used to slowly tickle an orgasm out of a bound victim.

Franco contacted me after we connected through another website, and had a lot of kind words to say about what we've done so far at AHA. He was excited by the idea of showing his work through our site. Franco is currently unable to produce new artwork, but that situation is temporary, and he may be doing some exclusive drawings for us in the future that involve more tickling.

We'll add to Franco's gallery now and then until that time. He's got some great animated gifs that we'll be adding soon!

This week, Nomar give us his second piece, this time a surreal beach scene with some playful crabs.


See you next week!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spy's Sappin' My Tickler!

Hey Guys!

This week brings two new pieces, one of them a fulfillment of a request.

My piece is going to be very familiar to anyone who plays a lot of a certain 'Team' based online videogame. One of the blue members has 'Engineered' an evil tickle torture device to use on the opposing team. The lone free member 'Spies' in the shadows, waiting to sabotage the machine.

I wasn't able to fit every character in this drawing (I ran out of room on the paper) but I left the drawing open on the right hand side. I may go back and eventually add the missing characters. How many of you would like to see that?

Sloth's piece this week is a sequel to his "Orcs of Tickle Earth" piece, in which the tables are turned on the giant, green brutes. This is an adult content image, as the request involved the tickling of some...Orc nether regions.


Finally, as I'm sure some of you have realized, the Laughter Digest issue that is supposed to have the interview with me did not arrive on the 15th, and still has not shown up on their site. I wrote to the editor, but haven't heard back from him. Hopefully it will be available soon!

See you next week!


Monday, April 14, 2008

My First Interview!

Hey Everyone!

Several months ago I was approached by Dean, the editor of a new online tickling magazine called "Laughter Digest". He had found me on MySpace and loved what we are doing with AchillesHeelArt. He asked if he could do an interview with me, and I agreed. It was a lot of fun, and the full interview will be in his next issue which will be released tomorrow, April 15th. Anyone who wants to know a little more about me and how I got into the world of tickling should check it out!

While the content of the magazine is predominantly straight-oriented, Dean would like it to encompass the entire tickling community. I would encourage anyone out there producing M/M tickling content to contact him if you'd like to have your work featured. The magazine is a great collection of interviews with people involved in the fetish, reviews of online content, etc. He sent me a preview copy of his first issue, and it was very interesting to read about how various professional ticklers/ticklees got into the scene.

I should mention that Laughter Digest is an all-digital publication, not an actual printed magazine. The interface is very cool, as you actually 'turn' the pages as if you're leafing through a real magazine.

My piece this week is the illustration that I provided to go along with his article (or is that artickle?). It depicts Dean at the mercy of his readers and is technically my very first F/M piece, as some of the hands tickling him are female. Be sure to drop by to check out the interview, although please remember that issue won't be available until the 15th.


Also this week, Mr. Zikkon continues his serial adventure starring Major Power and Private Thawtz. This time, we get to see the merciless torture of the poor Commissioner as he is interrogated by the villain The Spook. I'm very excited about the direction this strip is taking, and I'm sure the rest of you will be just as hooked as I am. I can't wait to see what comes next...

Enjoy this week's update!

Monday, April 7, 2008



Today, I'm proud to make two announcements. First, we've reached the milestone of having 50 pieces of artwork in our member's section since we opened last August. We're really excited to hit this number, and we're already looking ahead to 100! My piece this week depicts Atlas desperately trying to hold aloft a giant '50' in honor of this occasion, and it's FREE for everyone! Check it out in our Free Archive section of the site.

Second, the piece that put us at the 50 mark today is by a brand new artist, Nomar. He has a strange, wonderful and surreal style and I know you're going to love the creatures and scenarios he'll be creating in the coming months. Nomar also has some experience with animation, so you'll be seeing some animated gifs from him too!


Thank you to everyone who has joined the site so far! We couldn't do it without you.