Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spy's Sappin' My Tickler!

Hey Guys!

This week brings two new pieces, one of them a fulfillment of a request.

My piece is going to be very familiar to anyone who plays a lot of a certain 'Team' based online videogame. One of the blue members has 'Engineered' an evil tickle torture device to use on the opposing team. The lone free member 'Spies' in the shadows, waiting to sabotage the machine.

I wasn't able to fit every character in this drawing (I ran out of room on the paper) but I left the drawing open on the right hand side. I may go back and eventually add the missing characters. How many of you would like to see that?

Sloth's piece this week is a sequel to his "Orcs of Tickle Earth" piece, in which the tables are turned on the giant, green brutes. This is an adult content image, as the request involved the tickling of some...Orc nether regions.


Finally, as I'm sure some of you have realized, the Laughter Digest issue that is supposed to have the interview with me did not arrive on the 15th, and still has not shown up on their site. I wrote to the editor, but haven't heard back from him. Hopefully it will be available soon!

See you next week!


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