Friday, July 30, 2010

Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together!

Hey Everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that we've joined forces with one of my favorite websites of all time,! That's right! If you choose to join the VIP section of MyFriendsFeet, you get AchillesHeelArt as a bonus!If you're interested in this new great deal, be sure to visit this page directly and choose the option to join both of our sites at once. You'll be taken to MyFriendsFeet's join area, where you can choose the VIP option which comes complete with full access to

MyFriendsFeet has an enormous archive of the best foot photos and tickling videos on the web.If you love sexy men tickled out of their minds on their feet and their bodies, you'll love what they have to offer.Now, with the addition of the more than 275 drawings on AchillesHeelArt (as of July 2010), the VIP section of MyFriendsFeet has truly become a tickle fetishist's paradise.

Click here to take advantage of this great combo deal!


Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hey Everyone,

Here's the latest news on our last two updates, including the newest free quarterly home page!

Last week, Velly-Z returned with a new piece featuring a very ticklish swimmer. He's been bound to a pole by mysterious masked men, and is being slowly feather tickled into sweaty insanity! They're determined to "Wear Him Out". Also last week, Bearoticart journeyed back through time to the age of the Vikings. These fearsome warriors enjoy a little down time, coaxing laughter out of helpless prisoner in a regular "Viking Tickle Fest".This week, Mr. Zikkon delivered the third page in his exciting new saga. The Witchfinder General continues his efforts to rid the town's handsome young men of their "demons" by tickle torturing the madness out of them...or is it the torture that's driving them mad? Also this week, I added our new Summer 2010 home page. A pirate captain is overthrown by his crew, lashed to some barrels and has his boots removed. Too bad his "salty dogs" are so ticklish. "It's Mutoeney!".
I hope you enjoy the updates!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey everyone!

This week, Wez goes back into the world of videogames and brings us a piece starring a very gruff, sexy hero. This secret operative has been captured by the tentacled suit of his genetic clone "Solidus" (don't ask) and is proving to be very "Metal Gear Ticklish". This piece is guaranteed to make your Snake Solid.Also this week, I get this party started with a festive "Piñata". However, this isn't like any piñata you've seen before. Rather than beating him with sticks, you gently tickle him until fun stuff comes out.

Enjoy this week's pieces!


Friday, July 9, 2010

TILF-Chuck Liddell

This UFC figure of Chuck Liddell manages to capture his boyish yet masculine face quite well.

There's just something about a guy with a mohawk and tattoos...

The one disappointment? The feet. The UFC fighters are always barefoot, and this is the default sculpt of the foot for all of them. Jakks clearly needs someone with a foot fetish on their sculpting team.

Even other figures can't resist making fun of his tiny baby feet. Also, they forgot Chuck's trademark painted toenails.

Poor Chuck. His great head sculpt is what truly makes him a TILF

Biggest Update Post Ever!

Well, that's just because I've been lazy and haven't updated this in awhile. Here's the skinny on the last 4 weeks worth of updates!

First up, a week full of costumes! Bearotic are gives us a taste of the wild west in his second piece, in which a poor ticklish young man is hogtied and at the mercy of a sexy "Texas Tickler". Next, it had been awhile since I did a sock piece, so I decided to throw the sheer lovers a bone. A cop is surprised by two masked robbers and tied to a recliner. The bandits decide to have a little fun and take advantage of the cop's very ticklish sheer-clad soles in "Socks and Robbers".Next up, I decided to do a sequel to my old piece, "El Cosquillastador". This time, he's brought his cousin "El Risa Loco" along to wrestling practice. His cousin holds a helpless, sexy victim in the evil Boston Crab hold, while El Cosquillastador takes advantage of his exposed, ticklish feet. Crazy laughter, indeed. Next, Mr. Zikkon gives us the second thrilling page of his second full-length comic adventure. In this installment, we learn more about the evil Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins and his unhealthy appetite for tender, ticklish man flesh.We all know Wez loves monsters. He's especially enamored of Godzilla, and he couldn't resist giving the giant lizard the tickle treatment. This week, his drawing shows the battle "Godzilla vs Ghidorah", in which the huge reptile is held helpless and tickled on his giant wiggling scaly toes! Also this week, Bearotic art takes us underground to a dark, dank dungeon. Once you're strapped helpless in "The Tickle Chamber" you can only despair as the feather draws closer...and closer.Finally, this week I tackle the most heated debate since "Tastes Great/Less Filling"...whether or not Bella should choose Edward or Jacob. These pieces are sure to make you Twi-hard. In "Team Edward", the vampire tickles the hot young werewolf half to death on his sexy abs to convince him to stay away from his true love. On the flip side, in "Team Jacob" the werewolf hottie kidnaps the elegant vampire on his way to his wedding and tickles him on his dress socked feet to prevent him from making it to the ceremony. This week, everyone wins...except Bella.Hope everyone enjoyed these drawings! See the full illustrations today at!