Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hey Everyone,

Here's the latest news on our last two updates, including the newest free quarterly home page!

Last week, Velly-Z returned with a new piece featuring a very ticklish swimmer. He's been bound to a pole by mysterious masked men, and is being slowly feather tickled into sweaty insanity! They're determined to "Wear Him Out". Also last week, Bearoticart journeyed back through time to the age of the Vikings. These fearsome warriors enjoy a little down time, coaxing laughter out of helpless prisoner in a regular "Viking Tickle Fest".This week, Mr. Zikkon delivered the third page in his exciting new saga. The Witchfinder General continues his efforts to rid the town's handsome young men of their "demons" by tickle torturing the madness out of them...or is it the torture that's driving them mad? Also this week, I added our new Summer 2010 home page. A pirate captain is overthrown by his crew, lashed to some barrels and has his boots removed. Too bad his "salty dogs" are so ticklish. "It's Mutoeney!".
I hope you enjoy the updates!


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