Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hey Everyone,

For my return to drawing duty this week, I answered the request of a member who wanted to see himself tickle tortured by furries! Specifically, he wanted wolf-like husky dog anthros. This is my first venture into furry tickling art (the Ratchet and Clank piece didn't really count) so I'll be curious to hear how it goes over. This poor guy is strapped to a table and worked over by tongues and paws after he's "Thrown to the Wolves".Also this week, Mr. Zikkon makes a triumphant return with an all-new story. "Witchfinder General" is based loosely on the true tale of Matthew Hopkins and John Sterne, who travel the countryside of England weeding out "witches" and collecting bounty from gullible townsfolk. In Zikkon's spin on the tale, the hairy brute Hopkins' motive is to get his huge fingers all over the sensitive flesh of handsome young men. I can't wait to see how this ticklish tale turns out!

Hope you enjoy this week's update!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm BaaaaAAAck!

I have to give big kudos to Wez, Sloth and especially Blithwulf for filling in for me over these past three weeks. I've been completely overwhelmed by my move to the Big Apple, and I was unable to draw and only occasionally able to get online during this month. The good news is that I'm settled in, and that I will be back with a new drawing next week. Even MORE exciting, Mr. Zikkon will have the first page of his brand new comic next week! His new tale of ticklish woe takes place in an entirely new time period and setting. I know you'll love it.

In the meantime, here is the information on the past three weeks' updates:

Three weeks ago, Blithwulf not only did a beautiful, gothic tickle torture piece, he rewrote 3 verses of "The Raven" to go along with it! Talk about multi-talented! In "Tickle Tortured Evermore", this "Poe" man is strapped into a set of stocks and slowly finger stroked into insanity... Also that week, Sloth made a special X-rated piece: X-Men rated, that is. A certain sexy metal Russian thinks he's invulnerable, until he feels the delicate scratching of adamantium claws in his pits. Wolvie certainly knows "How to Tickle a Man of Steel".Two weeks ago, Blithwulf revisits the gym, this time showing us what happens to a coach who gets overpowered by his burly team. They decide he needs a little retraining of his own...on his big ticklish feet. It's a lot of fun, "Breaking in the Coach". Also that week, Wez visits the land of the "Real American Hero". Poor Gung-Ho has been captured and is at the mercy of the evil Destro, who happens to know his secret weakness. This is the piece we had to call: "G.I. Toe".Finally, this week Blithwulf explores territory he rarely visits: Twinkville. These three smooth, young hotties are enjoying a sunny day at the pool when two of them decide to take advantage of the third, who is floating in an inner tube. It's impossible for him to get leverage to get away, so he must suffer the tickling of the "Fiesta del Sole". Next up, Sloth answers the request of a member who wanted to see a very specific scenario from "Bleach". Tessai knows how ticklish the gigantic feet of Hacchi are, and he'll stop at nothing to get him to break the kido. From the merciless way he and his minion are tickling his feet, you can tell he's not "Kido-ing Around".Thanks again for your patience during this transition. I look forward to getting back to the drawing board for next week!