Thursday, February 18, 2010

Third Wish

Hey Gang!

This week, Wez fulfilled the request of a member who wanted to see the videogame villain M.Bison getting his giant feet tickled. He's been overpowered by the hyper-muscular Seth who has pulled off his boots and started the worst of all tortures: slow sole stroking. We hope you enjoy "Feet Fighter 2". Next up, I return to the Arabian desert to finally complete my "Wish" trilogy. I can't decide on the best scenario for this piece: either Aladdin has used his "Third Wish" to get himself tickled silly, or he wished the genie free of the lamp and the genie decided to give him a playful taste of his own medicine. Either way, Aladdin is at the mercy of 10 glowing tickling hands!

Enjoy this week's pieces!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Cartoon Character Week!

This week at AchillesHeelArt, two of our artists did versions of famous cartoon characters.

First up, Blithwulf gives us a special treat for bear lovers. Bluto has fallen behind on paying his dockworker union dues, and his boss and fellow longshoremen are collecting on that debt...on his huge feet! The stocky sailor is trapped in a pair of dock stocks and teased and tormented from all directions. I know you'll love "Bluto Pays His Dues".
Next up, Velly-Z takes us back to a cartoon character that influenced so many of us: "Injun Joe". Who could forget that big, tough Indian chief with the one weakness of being ticklish? Here, he's toyed with once again by that crazy bearded hillbilly Sloppy Moe, who knows his secret.

I hope you enjoy this week's animated update!


Famous Feet

Dominic Purcell

Timothy Hutton

Mark Feuerstein

Jon Bon Jovi

Daniel Bernhardt

David Bascheda

Sean Astin

Will Arnet

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Powers Takes Control

Hey everyone!

Well, the grand adventures of Major Powers and Private Thawtz are coming to a close. The villain has been defeated, and our heroes head home in awkward silence. Little does poor Private Thawtz know, his life is about to take a startling new direction. And whatever happened to that poor overworked butler, Graves?Also this week, Velly-Z gives us her take on that classic tickle scenario "The Mad Scientist". Poor Jay is strapped into a machine testing his sensitivity and resistance to interrogation as his bare soles are delicately feathered. Just look at how much fun the scientist is having!

Hope you all enjoy this week's update! Believe it or not, it's number 125!