Thursday, February 18, 2010

Third Wish

Hey Gang!

This week, Wez fulfilled the request of a member who wanted to see the videogame villain M.Bison getting his giant feet tickled. He's been overpowered by the hyper-muscular Seth who has pulled off his boots and started the worst of all tortures: slow sole stroking. We hope you enjoy "Feet Fighter 2". Next up, I return to the Arabian desert to finally complete my "Wish" trilogy. I can't decide on the best scenario for this piece: either Aladdin has used his "Third Wish" to get himself tickled silly, or he wished the genie free of the lamp and the genie decided to give him a playful taste of his own medicine. Either way, Aladdin is at the mercy of 10 glowing tickling hands!

Enjoy this week's pieces!


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